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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Owning investment properties is an excellent way to earn passive income, but it can seem a bit daunting to do everything on your own. Having a quality property manager in Toronto will help you ensure that everything associated with each property you own is taken care of.

Buttonwood offers high-quality property management services in the Greater Toronto Area. We remove the burden of being a property owner and oversee every required task associated with owning properties. Our team of experts works closely with landlords through every step of the rental process, from buying property to choosing tenants, and performing maintenance and repairs.

Buttonwood is a one-stop shop for landlords and real estate investors in the Greater Toronto Area. Our qualified property managers, processes, and systems ensure your real estate investments are well taken care off.

Here are more details on each of our locations.

Toronto – Neighbourhoods

Here are some of the neighbourhoods we cover in Toronto proper.

St. LawrenceKing West, Queen West, Distillery, LeslievilleFinancial District/Bay Street Corridor, Fashion District, Yorkville, Danforth, Junction, Trinity Bellwoods, Waterfront Communities, The Beaches, Upper Beaches, Annex, Casa Loma, High Park, Liberty VillageDeer Park, Moore Park, Rosedale, Summerhill, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, Bloor West Village, Forest Hill, Bedford Park, CityPlace, Riverdale.

North York

North York landlords don’t have to worry about a thing since we serve tenants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a tenant needs something, they phone us, and we handle it on the landlord’s behalf.

Learn more about our North York property management services.

East York

We assist with the tenant selection procedure to ensure that everything goes as planned and the finest renters are selected. East York is an excellent location for property owners to discover methods to generate money.

Learn more about our East York property management services.


The number of opportunities in Etobicoke is growing, so we will help you take advantage of them by owning rental properties there. Our round-the-clock service supports tenants and landlords alike.

Learn more about our Etobicoke property management services.


At Buttonwood, we know that exceptional service requires an exceptional team. Our experts will provide everything you need to be a successful landlord in Scarborough.

Learn more about our Scarborough property management services.


Mississauga is an area with great opportunities for growth. We help landlords wade through the waters of the rapidly growing city, overseeing numerous property types in an area with ample opportunity.

Learn more about our Mississauga property management services.


Oakville is rapidly becoming one of the most expensive cities in the Toronto area, but landlords don’t have to feel squeezed on their profits. We will look for ways to save you money so that you can still maximize profits despite the higher expense.

Learn more about our Oakville property management services.


Landlords who own property in Burlington don’t have to worry about a thing because we provide service to tenants around the clock. Whenever a tenant needs something, they call us, and we take care of it on behalf of the landlord.

Learn more about our Burlington property management services.


Our Markham landlords appreciate our full-service property management services, and you will too.

Markham offers a wide array of opportunities for landlords and tenants alike. Learn more about our Markham property management services.


The most difficult thing about owning rental properties is finding the right tenant for an effortless landlord experience. Buttonwood takes its landlords through the tenant selection process step by step to ensure that the best Brampton tenants move into the property.

Learn more about our Brampton property management services.


Vaughan is a dynamic housing market, so landlords have a great need for a property management service they can trust. We help landlords in Vaughan unlock all the potential of their properties.

Learn more about our Vaughan property management services.


The number of property rentals available in Thornhill is on the rise, so the market is becoming extremely competitive. At Buttonwood, we highlight all the best features of our properties to ensure we secure the best tenants for our clients.

Learn more about our Thornhill property management services.


We’ll make sure you never have to worry about your Pickering properties again. Our knowledgeable the management team offers coverage for every aspect of the rental process, including 24/7 maintenance support and much more.

Learn more about our Pickering property management services.

Richmond Hill

Like landlords in other cities in the Greater Toronto Area, Richmond Hill landlords need exceptional

service. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Buttonwood.

Learn more about our Richmond Hill property management services.


If you don’t know what your property is worth or how much rent you should charge, you don’t have to worry. Buttonwood handles all the pricing to ensure that your rates are competitive and that you are compensated appropriately.

Learn more about our Milton property management services.


All Ajax property owners can take advantage of Buttonwood’s top-notch service. First-time landlords will find the rental process to be fast and easy with us overseeing everything.

Learn more about our Ajax property management services.


We help with the tenant selection process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and the best tenants are acquired. Whitby is the perfect place for landlords to find opportunities to build wealth.

Learn more about our Whitby property management services.


Buttonwood provides complete property management services in Oshawa to ensure that landlords there have everything they need to be successful. You’ll always know where your properties stand.

Learn more about our Oshawa property management services.


The Maple area is blooming with opportunities for the well-represented landlord. We handle every part of the rental process so that you don’t have to guess about what to do next.

Learn more about our Maple property management services.


Buttonwood allows all Newmark property owners to benefit from our superior service. With us overseeing the rental procedure, first-time landlords will notice it to be quick and uncomplicated.

Learn more about our Newmarket property management services.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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