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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Tucked between Mount Pleasant Cemetery, David A. Balfour Park, and the Don Valley Brick Works Park the neighbourhood is surrounded by green spaces, parklands, and Mud Creek which snakes through the center of Moore Park. 

The neighbourhood is home to an array of biodiversity, tree-lined streets, and there’s a mix of residents that call this beautiful and serene area home. Although a majority of residents here are more retired and seniors, you will be able to see a few families and children enjoy the ample walking trails, parkettes, and playground facilities. 

During the summer months, the neighbourhood comes alive with color, and the residents are only a walking distance away from commercial and retail shops on Yonge Street. Moore Park is more suburban, with minimal commercial and retail experiences, so residents will need to leave the neighbourhood to have access to restaurants, bars, and other coffee shops. 

The reputation of Moore Park is more prone to attract older families, and individuals, so young single working professionals won’t easily adjust here. Surrounding suburbs include the upmarket Rosedale, Governors Bridge, and Bennington Heights. 

Information on Moore Park Neighbourhood

Originally, Moore Park was a smallholding and was later subdivided in 1889, by John Thomas Moore, an affluent and influential figure at the time. Moore Park was one of the first neighbourhoods of the greater Toronto area and attracted an array of wealthy residents. 

Most of Moore Park was completely developed by the 1930s and would become an enclave nestled between parklands. After many years, the neighbourhood has stood its ground, and not much in terms of the local parks, streets, and houses have changed. Much of the area comprises upper-class large homes, with a small pocket of small semi detached houses. 

For nature lovers, and fitness enthusiasts, you will be able to enjoy a variety of hiking or walking trails, the Moore Park Ravine, or perhaps a short drive to the Don River. There are parks and greenery to pick and choose from, as the whole northernmost part of Moore park borders the Mt Pleasant Cemetery, while the Beltline Trail cuts right through the neighbourhood. 

In terms of nature and recreational facilities, your choices are endless. If you want to enjoy some high-end shopping, or indulge in some of the most exquisite cuisines Toronto has to offer, a short drive to the popular, upmarket neighbourhood of Deer Park will quench your retail thirst. 

Whether it’s a large family, or perhaps a retired couple, your neighbors here are mostly older, and middle-aged. In terms of schools, and other facilities, Moore Park simply offers the best of Toronto suburban living

Walk Score

Moore Park has been rated at the 55th most walkable neighbourhood in Toronto, with a walk score of 66. Some other areas, which are more condensed with smaller homes or located close to some of the many parks may have a higher walk score than the neighbourhood average. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation is somewhat limited, so those who do not frequent using the bus or subway will need to have other modes of transport. 

Bus lines 60, 88, and 98 serve the general inner parts of Moore Park, with bus stops on Welland Avenue, and St Clair Avenue. There’s also subway line 1 which can be accessed via the Summerhill Station on Shaftesbury Avenue. 

Bike Score

With over 20,000 residents, Moore Park offers a lot of bicycle routes and trails. The whole neighbourhood has a median bike score of 60. Although somewhat lower than other areas, Moore Park is more suited for residents with motor vehicles. 

School District Ratings

Although an upmarket neighbourhood, schools are somewhat limited here, and families with children would need to look outside their community for larger, and more popular schools. 

Some of the available schools in the area include Our Lady of Perpetual Help Separate School, Whitney Junior Public School, Deer Park Junior, Senior Public School, and The Linden School. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

You’ll be lucky to find a studio or one-bedroom bachelors apartment in Moore Park, not only will they be somewhat costly, but there simply isn’t any available. This is unless you sublet from an existing resident. 

On average, a two-bedroom apartment rents for CAD 2,550 per month, with large four-bedroom homes renting for CAD 7,400 per month. Good to know is that in the last few months from 2021 to 2022, the rent for two-bedroom dwellings has decreased by 15%. 

In comparison to the Rosedale-Moore area, houses here sell on average between CAD 1.8 million and CAD 2.3 million averaging around 18 days on the market. Prices for houses fluctuate between 4% and 4.5% annually, making it more affordable to live in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Toronto. 

Investing in Moore Park

Within Moore Park itself, there aren’t many commercial or retail investment opportunities, except those pre-existing properties. Some of the surrounding areas, such as Deer Park or Rosedale may offer better retail and commercial investment opportunity. 

On the other hand, there is a selection of premium luxury homes and residential dwellings. Most of the newly renovated condos are situated in close range of public transportation and local amenities, priced between CAD 900,000 and CAD 1.2 million. 

In terms of luxury property, if you’re a high-profile investor, some properties can range between CAD 5.4 million and as high as CAD 7 million for some of the most modern and recently updated houses. 

Investors will enjoy premium and luxurious investment home opportunities all across Moore Park. 

Buttonwood Property Management

Moore Park is the perfect area for any person who wants to be closer to nature, and enjoy the charm offered by an area tucked away between parklands and historic houses. For investors, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase some of the most high-end properties currently available in Toronto and Moore Park. 


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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