At Buttonwood Property Management we want to be the change the industry needs. We are a boutique full service property management company that handles every phase of the investment process: we identify good investment properties, help clients with purchasing, manage and maintain the property, and sell real estate assets.

A core principle of our business is our commitment to offering quality services at low fees.

The business model for property management in Toronto is out-dated. Just as the housing market has changed in Canada over the last two decades, so too have the needs of the modern property investor. Most companies charge a month’s rent to find you a tenant, and then a monthly percentage of the income you generate. Add to this, hidden fees, and you’ll see your net returns significantly decrease.

At Buttonwood our philosophy is to help our clients build real estate wealth over time. Our focus is on service, not the sale, on our clients and not the transaction. We pride ourselves on the strong personalized relationships we’ve built with property owners, tenants, and our tradespeople. We have the experience, resources, and systems in place to respond quickly and cost-effectively to the realities of managing a rental property. The growth of our business and the feedback from property owners and tenants alike are proof we’re doing things right.


Our two most popular Residential Property Management offers:



50% OFF:

If your property is vacant - we’ll find and place a tenant free of charge with a property management contract. Talk about value proposition it doesn’t get better than that.


2 Months Free:

If your property is already tenanted – we’ll waive our property management fees for 2 months. Great for those with tenanted properties who are done with the day-to-day hassles of managing rental properties and want to test drive before buying.


“Anyone can offer property management services at low fees. However offering high quality property management services and low management fees can significantly impacts your return on investment.”