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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

The area of Summerhill is a picturesque neighbourhood, situated right in the center of downtown Toronto. Between the Victorian-style homes, ample amenities, and green spaces, residents are spoiled for choice in each direction.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the tranquility of family life, or perhaps settle among the well-known parks and recreational areas, the neighbourhood has something to offer for both young and old. There is of course the traditional styled homes and architecture that draws in most of the prominent residents from all over the greater Toronto area.

Although the area boasts an abundance of natural beauty and local merchants to pick and choose from – the community opens its arms to the rest of the city.

Its proximity to surrounding areas such as South Hill, Rathnelly, Yorkdale, and of course Yorkville is a commuter’s dream. Those who are keen to travel and experience local Torontonian culture will surely find anything they can imagine within the confines of Summerhill.

Information on Summerhill Neighbourhood

Most of modern Summerhill stemmed from the early settlement and industrial development that took place within Toronto during the early 20th century. The Victorian homes built between 1880 and 1915 were mainly due to the introduction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

With the new railway, and the later establishment of the Summerhill Subway Station during the 1900s, Summerhill quickly made its mark on locals and became the bustling community we know it as today.

Nature lovers can enjoy the Rosehill Reservoir Park, Lionel Conacher Park, and the well-known David A. Balfour Park. The most popular features of these two parks include footpaths, a children’s playground, a wading pool, a waterfall, and a reflecting pool. These recreational facilities allow families to boast in the natural scenery offered by Summerhill.

The local shops and beauty stores will have shoppers indulge in some of the most high-end local brands offered by Toronatian entrepreneurs.

If history is something that excites you, perhaps the old LCBO Railway that is now a well-known preserved landmark, attracts thousands of tourists each year, both from the residential community and those who live in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

From schools, parks, and shops there is nothing this area doesn’t have. One shouldn’t also forget about the popular Summerhill Market situated on Summerhill Avenue.

Walk Score

The neighbourhood is very walkable compared to other high-end suburbs with a walk score of 91. The Yonge Street commercial area has a sizable portion of walking area, which caters to more than 20,00 residents.

Most of the residential areas around large parks are also relatively walkable, giving residents the option to easily commute by foot to their favorite recreational activities.

Public Transportation

Between Avenue Road and Yonge Street, there is an abundance of bus stops. The main bus lines of 87, 88, and 97 allow residents to easily commute within Summerhill and to the lower areas of greater Toronto.

Subway 1 runs down the center of Summerhill, with the Summerhill and Rosedale subway stations acting as the main points of connection. Some neighbourhood experts have given Summerhill a 91 public transportation score.

Bike Score

Although the neighbourhood offers one of the best walking scores in the greater Toronto area, the same isn’t really said for its bike-ability. The average bike score for Summerhill is 68, somewhat lower than its counterparts in the east and the north.

School District Ratings

The reason why so many families choose to settle down in Summerhill is not only for the parks but also for its schools. Schools here have an average rating between 8.8 and 92, some of the highest in the Toronto and greater Ontario region.

Research indicates that from the 10,932 households, around 23% of those have children. Although it may not be that high compared to older neighbourhoods, this is still relatively high for a neighbourhood situated in Old Toronto.

Some of the most prominent schools for the area include The York School, Branksome Hall, Cottingham Junior Public School, The Linden School, and De La Salle College to name but a few.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Homes are sometimes hard to come by, with an annual rent increase of around 6%. A single-bedroom apartment will on average cost CAD 1,850 per month, and a two-bedroom apartment is priced at CAD 2,323 per month.

Some of the latest figures from 2018 indicate that the average home price hovers around CAD 2,816,604, having an average of 13 days on the market. Some suggest that buying a home is the cheaper option than renting, as average rent has been increasing year-over-year.

Investing in Summerhill

There are various new investment opportunities both residential and commercially available in the area. Some of the most popular and lucrative investment options range between XO2 Condos and 56 Boutique Condo Residences.

These high-profile condos and apartments start from CAD 600,000 per unit, with most of these being pre-construction investments. These buildings will add a touch of modernization to the area, while still retaining the beauty of the Summerhill neighbourhood.

Buttonwood Property Management

Summerhill boasts a lot of natural beauty, which has made the area immensely popular among local Torontonians. Buttonwood Property Management is proud to partner with residents to offer some exciting investment opportunities for both young families and professional individuals.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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