If you’re looking for Thornhill property management services, you’ve come to the right place. Buttonwood serves both commercial and residential property owners, providing a full suite of services in Thornhill and our other locations in the Toronto area.

Property Management Services in Thornhill

Owners of properties in the Toronto area have been turning to Buttonwood for property management services for years. We manage every type of building for our clients. We are always available and just a phone call away for tenants and landlords.

Condo Property Management

We handle all aspects of condo property management, from tenant screening to maintenance and repairs. We screen tenants carefully and choose those who won’t cause problems for their neighbors.

Commercial Property Management

We understand that commercial property management requires a different touch. Commercial tenants have different needs than those living in the properties they rent. They expect to be taken care of, and at Buttonwood, we ensure that they are.

Residential & Rental Property Management

Residential property management is just as important as service for business tenants, but with a different touch. We ensure that tenants are well taken care of and that landlords don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Townhouse Property Management

We also offer property management services for townhouses. Like our other residential properties, we provide a full slate of services.

Thornhill Real Estate

The real estate market in Thornhill is healthy and thriving, so landlords should find plenty of tenants waiting to move in. We know the best places to look for deals on real estate in the city, so we can even help new landlords who are just diving into the industry with their first property purchases.

Choosing Property Management Companies in Thornhill

When selecting the best company to manage your properties, you should look for a full-service company that handles every aspect of the process. Read what other owners say about their managers to find out which one will be the best fit for you.


What Benefits Do Our Thornhill Property Owners Get?

Our property owners in the area get a complete package of services covering everything from document preparation to tenant screening, maintenance, and move-out services and everything in between.

Why Choose Buttonwood Property Management – Thornhill?

You should choose Buttonwood because we take care of all your needs and have extensive experience in the region. We provide all the information you need to be a successful landlord in the Toronto area. We are just a phone call away for everyone we serve.

What is the population of Thornhill, Ontario?

About 113,000 people call Thornhill home.


Buttonwood is your premier property management company, providing everything you need, no matter what time of day it is. Management is our specialty, and we’ll put our experience to work for you. You don’t have to worry about anything because we will be there, in 2021 and beyond.