Our story started like many good things in life, a spur of the moment kind of idea followed by the proper planning, hard work and commitment that can turn a good thing into something great.

As global professionals with a young family we settled and call Toronto home. We found that many of our friends and acquaintances are oftentimes transient – sometimes moving between countries and continents following career opportunities or to be closer to family members. Coupled with our background in real estate investing and renovations, we frequently found ourselves entrusted by our friends to rent and manage their properties. One day over dinner a close family friend brought up Property Management as a growing industry given the boom in Canadian real estate and recommended we dedicate more attention to this endeavour. We felt the stars were lining up to grow from a vocation into a business, and Buttonwood Property Management was born.

Early on, we were fortunate enough to connect with a group of international investors who leveraged our services to rent and manage their Toronto based investments and this greatly accelerated our growth. Since then, most of our growth has been organic – through word of mouth and recommendations supported by pleasant experiences.

We have come a long way since inception and at this point, we can humbly say that we have proven to be up to the property management challenge and continue to strive to deliver quality services that are priced right. We strongly believe in an engagement that benefits all involved parties and is sustainable for the long run. We strive to market and rent properties as quickly as possible but do not sacrifice on tenant screening and due diligence so that only the most suitable candidates are considered. Our qualified and certified contractors are affordable and get the job done quickly and right the first time around.

Several ancillary services that are aligned with our expertise have been added to our comprehensive service offerings to complement our business model.

We are well staffed to accept more clients and build solid long-term relationships and encourage you to contact us for a free quote and allow us the opportunity to partner together.