Commercial Property Management and Leasing was a natural progression for us at Buttonwood. This offering was added to our service catalogue driven by client requests to host both their residential and commercial real estate portfolio under one roof.

Core to our service offering and a key differentiator in providing a distinguished service is the relationships we build with our tenants.


Our comprehensive Commercial Property Management and Leasing Services include:

1. Commercial Lease / Tenant Placement

  • Commercial leasing involves more than just placing a tenant in a property. Finding the right tenant is crucial for a healthy investment. Few indicators to look for: is the commercial tenant financially solvent and have a good leasing record? Attracting high-profile/quality tenants is key to lower cost over the long run. It can be less expensive and thus more profitable, to maintain an existing tenant than to find a new one.
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2. Commercial Property / Facility Management

a. Management of Tenant relations:

  • Collection of monthly rents and credits
  • Action plan for collection of delinquent fees and charges
  • Acting as Landlord representative and managing effective tenant and lessee communications /relation including resolving tenant disputes
  • Ensuring all lease covenants are followed
  • Lease renewals

b. Financial / Asset Management:

  • Financial reporting and cash management
  • Payment of any or all of the following expenses out of proceeds: Property Taxes, Maintenance, Repairs & Services, Utilities, etc.
  • Disbursement of net proceeds with monthly statements
  • Cost control / determining occupancy costs appropriate levels
  • Auditing – On Request by a Third Party

c. Physical Maintenance and Management of Vendors:

  • Analyze property needs and develop a cost effective comprehensive plan
  • Preventative maintenance for equipment
  • Project and construction management when required
  • Implementation of Sustainability strategies when applicable
  • Replacement Fund Analysis – Optional
  • Coordination of regular property maintenance activities and repairs, from snow removal, refusal removal, landscaping, common area cleaning, etc.
  • Regular inspection of the properties
  • Coordinating environmental studies / Engineering reports with respective providers when required
  • 24 hour contact for emergencies
  • Vendor selection and supervision