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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Commercial property management and leasing was a natural progression for us at Buttonwood. This offering was added to our service catalogue after many client requests to host both their residential properties and commercial real estate portfolio under one roof.

The relationships we build with our tenants are core to our service offerings and a key differentiator in providing distinguished service. We are proud to say that over the years we have earned your trust and grew into Toronto’s top rated commercial & residential property management company.

Commercial Property Management Toronto Companies

As a commercial property management company, Buttonwood serves every property owner who comes to us for help to in managing their real estate properties. We provide high-quality services that are second to none when it comes to Toronto commercial property management companies. We take all the guesswork out of managing rental properties in the Toronto area. Commercial real estate investment has never been so easy.

Real Estate Tips for Commercial Property Management

We are full-service property managers in Toronto, so we know a thing or two about commercial property management. One of the most important things owners should do is maintain an excellent relationship with their tenants. Our Toronto property management team takes the time to build and nurture these relationships, making everything much easier for property owners. Maintaining tenant relationships requires excellent customer service and regular communication. You also must anticipate their needs, be proactive and take care of any issues that pop up in a timely fashion.

It’s also important to maintain the property so that the best tenants don’t decide to move somewhere else. Buttonwood has the property management expertise required to ensure that everything is taken care of with little work from the owner.

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Commercial Services

We fulfill all your property needs. Our comprehensive commercial property management and leasing services include:

Commercial Lease / Tenant Placement

Commercial leasing involves more than just placing a tenant in a property. Finding the right renter is crucial for a healthy investment. Few indicators to look for: is the commercial tenant financially solvent and have a good leasing record? Attracting high-profile/quality tenants is key to lower costs over the long run. It can be less expensive and thus more profitable, to maintain an existing renter than to find a new one.

Commercial Property / Facility Management

Commercial property management and facility management involve many areas of knowledge. We handle all your real estate management needs so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time overseeing your properties. From accessibility to handling repair requests and serving as a contact for emergency service, we provide everything an owner needs for their investment properties.

No matter what kind of commercial real estate investments you have, our asset management services have you covered. Our property management experience

Management of tenant relations:

We search for high-quality renters for our clients, ensuring that everyone who gets placed in your property is able to pay their rent on time and won’t damage the property. After all, investment properties are only a viable business when they are turning a profit.

We handle the collection of monthly rents and credits and create an action plan for the collection of delinquent fees and charges. We also act as a landlord representative and manage effective tenant and lessee communications /relations, including resolving tenant disputes. As full-service commercial property managers, we ensure all lease covenants are followed and handle lease renewals.

We also take care of financial reporting, creating a budget, and cash management for all your commercial properties and your business and pay property taxes and utilities out of the proceeds. We also handle other tasks associated with the administration of a property, such as maintenance and repairs and other services.

Additionally, we ensure landlords receive disbursements of their net proceeds from their commercial properties and issue monthly statements. We also do cost controls and determine appropriate levels for occupancy costs and manage audits as requested by a third party.

Physical Maintenance and Management of Vendors:

We analyze all your property needs and develop a cost-effective comprehensive plan. As your property management company, we also ensure all equipment receives preventative maintenance and oversee project and construction when required. We implement sustainability strategies when applicable and if desired, provide replacement fund analysis.

As your property manager, we coordinate regular property maintenance activities and repairs, from snow removal, refuse removal, landscaping, common area cleaning and more. We perform regular inspections of the properties and coordinate environmental studies and engineering reports with respective providers when required.

We serve as the 24-hour point of contact for emergency service and select and supervise vendors as required.

Fire Safety Inspections

Every property manager should perform regular fire safety inspections. This gives the property management company a chance to see what the tenants have done with the building or unit. They can ensure that the renter is following all the requirements for fire safety and check the fire alarms. We change the batteries in the fire alarms on a regular basis so that they will always be in good working order.

Beyond fire safety, these inspections also offer a chance for the property manager to make sure the renters aren’t damaging the building. We can see whether a repair is needed and take care of all issues with efficiency.

Operating Cost Optimization

We search for the best tenants for your building to ensure timely rent payments. Our services for clients also include office work to ensure that the rent payments you’re receiving are more than enough to pay for upkeep, taxes, the mortgage and financing, and other expenses associated with the properties.

We optimize your cash flow to ensure that landlords are turning a nice profit on every building they own. At Buttonwood, we understand that commercial property management is about every aspect of the process, from the renter search to daily management of expenses and upkeep. We put our experience to work for our Toronto clients to ensure that their real estate investment pays off.

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Commercial Property Preventative Maintenance

Commercial property management also involves handling regular upkeep of the building to catch potential issues before they become real problems. Being proactive on upkeep keeps renters happy so that you can retain the best renters. It’s much easier to keep them happy than it is to constantly search for new ones.

Project Management

Our asset management services also include working with construction companies to ensure all work goes on as planned. Through communication with the landlord and the construction company, we ensure that everyone is on the same page with the planned development. Every asset could use some work from time to time to stay competitive within the rental market. Whether you need to improve accessibility or just bring the building up to date, we will ensure the development project goes smoothly. We will also work with you to line up financing for your project.

Commercial Property Asset Management

Our experience covers every aspect of asset and Toronto property management. At Buttonwood, the value we provide as a property manager in Toronto goes above and beyond what you would expect.

Property management involves a wide range of responsibilities, and we take the guesswork out of owning property. Owners can turn to us to learn about the business. You won’t ever have to worry about finding people to rent your properties or ensuring that they make their payments on time. We understand that properties are assets, and we treat every investment as our own.

When you select Buttonwood as your property manager, you secure an immense amount of expertise in the business.

Residential Leasing

In addition to commercial property management for your properties, we also provide residential services. When you lease residential properties, you are still running a business even though you aren’t renting to commercial businesses.

Strategic Marketing

We understand that to find high-quality renters, you must market your Toronto rental properties in places where they will see your listings. We follow a comprehensive strategy that includes online listings and print.


Why choose us to manage your commercial property in Toronto?

When you choose Buttonwood as your commercial property manager in Toronto, you’re handing your business over to managers who understand every aspect of renting. We know how to locate high-quality renters and retain them for our landlords. It is much easier to keep renters who pay on time and don’t damage property than it is to find new ones. Our knowledge and expertise are second to none, and our commercial property management team is well positioned to take on more clients. .

What does a commercial property manager do?

Property managers are tasked with finding renters and maintaining relations with them. They handle every aspect of the rental business, from developing the appropriate documents to ensuring lease compliance and providing a point of contact for renters.

There’s no need for a landlord to be on call every hour of the day and night because a commercial property manager will manage after-hours phone calls. They also oversee the financial aspects of the business to ensure that you’re turning a profit after every expense is taken care of.

A property manager also handles any repair requests from renters and collects rental payments.

How do you value commercial property based on rental income?

Using the gross rent multiplier approach, you can calculate what a commercial property is worth. To use this method, start by calculating the gross rent multiplier by dividing the selling price or value of the property by the property’s gross rents. Next, multiply the gross rent multiplier by the gross rents of the property.

Calculating what a property is worth can seem a little tricky, but a knowledgeable property manager will be able to handle the calculations. A seasoned commercial property management company like Buttonwood can even help you increase the value of your property by reducing operational costs and finding you more revenue generators.

Can you help me sell my commercial property?

Our clients are bored of us saying that if you don’t need the money, never sell real estate. However, we understand that in some circumstances, residential and commercial real estate owners need to sell their property, and the answer is yes, we can help you. We can help with commercial property sales as well as residential property sales.


At Buttonwood, we understand what it takes to manage commercial properties in Toronto. We handle every aspect of the process and always put our clients’ needs first. We also oversee renter needs so that landlords don’t have to worry about a thing. We will help you figure out what your property is worth and how much you should charge in rent every month. We will also keep you organized and ensure that every legal aspect of renting commercial space is handled. You won’t be disappointed when you hire Buttonwood for your commercial property management needs. We will assign a dedicated property manager as a your single point of contact for your portfolio.


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11 years operating in a service industry that primarily deals with addressing issues - without a single negative review! We don't say this to impress you as it can change any day, but to impress upon you the extent to which we are willing to go to ensure a great service.

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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Property Management Services Toronto


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Property Management Services Toronto


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Property Management Services Toronto


We are experts specializing in the Greater Toronto Area and can deliver long term solutions that meet your custom needs.

Property Management Services Toronto


We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve their peace of mind and business objectives.

Our Price Match Guarantee, Rent Guarantee, and Commitment to low fees lead to better returns on your Toronto investment

Property management and rental services that are easy to understand and affordable to all investors in the Greater Toronto Area.

Property Management Services Toronto

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Although our services are head and shoulders above industry standard and our stellar reviews reflect that. We believe in price matching for qualified properties to put our best foot forward in starting our relationship. Our goal is to be your property manager for years to come and not have you searching for other property management services ever again!

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Property Management Services Toronto

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Get paid rent on-time every month even if the tenant defaults on rental payment. That's property management at it's best!

Property Management Services Toronto

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Our value proposition combines quality services and low fees
leading to greater investment returns over time.

Customizing our services to your needs

Property Management Services TorontoBUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS

Labor of love is the best way to describe our clients in this category. They know what it takes to run a business and provide a great service, to include the right price and premium quality. We can help you grow your real estate investments while you grow your business.

Property Management Services TorontoCORPORATE EXECUTIVES & PROFESSIONALS

Generally, these clients are technically savvy and know they can rent and manage on their own by leveraging social sites like Kijiji to list and HomeStars to get access to top-rated tradespeople. They also know their most valuable commodity is their time, and they are always pressed for it.

Property Management Services TorontoRETIREES

Those who still want to live at home but don’t want to maintain their own property and/or have investment properties as their main source of retirement income look for professional property management and rental service to take care of the day-to-day hassles.


The clients are looking to maintain their legacy and secure family wealth for generations to come. Commonly, real estate assets are structured as part of a trust or living will, and our point of contact is the executor and/or trustee. We are all about this long-term view of creating real estate wealth over time.

Property Management Services TorontoINTERNATIONAL INVESTORS

At some point, these clients lived in Toronto and then moved, following family and career opportunities, or they are looking to move to Toronto sometime in the near future. We have a page dedicated to international investors, simulating the typical experience they go through when buying real estate in the Greater Toronto Area.

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