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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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Property Management Services Toronto

It’s not without a longstanding history and remarkable triumph that the Upper Beaches has become one of the most liveable and interesting neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Once an area named after the Norwegian Pines in the early 1800s, this neighbourhood was a popular postal village of Norway. Today, remnants of this are still noticeable on some buildings, and of course the Norway Public School and Norway Avenue.

While the history of the area might stem from the Nordics, it’s the 20th-century Canadian influences and industrialization that drove the Upper Beaches to become a sprawling neighbourhood home to various parks, retail stores, schools, and communal areas shared among the diverse residential community.

In the early days, this area was focused on drawing in primarily working-class individuals, and upper-middle-class families. The landscape is somewhat different today, as years of development and a shift in the demographic have brought to life a diversified neighbourhood that is a stone’s throw away from the popular Kew Beach.

Information on Upper Beaches Neighbourhood

Many have called it the advent of gentrification that has led to the dubious development and changes this neighbourhood has undergone in the last few decades.

From the trendy independent cafes and businesses to the beautiful green parks and quiet residential streets, Upper Beaches is well-located close to Little India, East Chinatown, the Danforth, and the well-known Beaches.

Various individuals have now called the Upper Beaches their home, as many of the residents come from all corners of the globe.

While construction and revitalization during the early years of the 21st century drew in copious amounts of private investors, a modern shift has somewhat changed the cafe of this neighbourhood. A closer look reveals more community-oriented individuals and young families who want to be close to nature, the city, and of course the beach.

Parks and recreation facilities are scattered across the neighbourhood, with Williamson Park Ravine cutting right through Fairmount Park. Cassels Avenue Park caters to families and small children, with a large picnic area and playgrounds.

Both Norwood Park and the Ted Reeva Community Area houses a plethora of outdoor activities, such as the East Toronto Athletic Field and the Ed McCleverty equal access playground. Situated around these parks, one will find contemporary eateries and laidback coffee shops.

The Upper Beaches is a tranquil little paradise that outshines its bordering neighbors as it offers more than just trendy living spaces, but also a connection with the true Torontonian spirit.

Walk Score

Being so close to the beach, and having easy access to local merchants, restaurants, cafes, and bars, Upper Beaches has a high walk score of 81. Parks are within short walking distance of residential homes, including William Hancox Park and Cassels Avenue Playground.

Public Transportation

The Danforth LE train station is conveniently located right next to the Ted Reeva Community Area. Bus lines 22, 56, 72, and 92 are located along Kingston Road and Woodbine Avenue. Subway line 2 can be accessed via Woodbine Ave and Strathmore Blvd Station. There is also Streetcar line 503 available, but routes are sometimes limited in and out of the area.

For motorists, there is also access to Don Valley Parkway via Queen Street East.

Bike Score

Main roads and larger avenues are relatively bikeable, as this allows residents to easily reach stores and local commercial areas. The bike score for the Upper Beaches is ranked at 77, like most of the Beach Triangle Area.

School District Ratings

Schools in this neighbourhood are ample, with ratings averaging around 7 and higher. Some of the most notable schools in the area include Kimberley Junior Public School, St John Catholic School, Notre Dame High School, Malvern Collegiate Institute, Adam Beck Junior Public School, Beacon of Light Private Elementary School, Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Public School, and Norway Junior Public School.

Access to a large variety of public, private, and Catholic schools has made it a popular area not only for young individuals but also families who want school within proximity of their home.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

With so many professionals and families living in the neighbourhood, rent for small apartments is relatively affordable. With one-bedroom bachelor flats renting for CAD 1,748 on average per month. A two or three-bedroom apartment can range between CAD 2,515 and CAD 3,650, respectively.

While buying a home can be considered a lot more affordable here, some homes start from as little as CAD 699,999 up to CAD 2.6 million. Homes are reasonably large, with ample living space, three to five bedrooms placed on large properties.

Investing in Upper Beaches

Development for boutique condos in Kingston and Victoria Park has recently caught the attention of real estate investors looking to enter the market. There are also ample duplexes, and semi-detached homes available, with prices averaging between CAD 540,000 to CAD 1.2 million.

Buttonwood Property Management

There is a strong connection between the residents of the Upper Beaches and Buttonwood Property Management as we strive to find the most sophisticated rentals and properties for clients from all walks of life.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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