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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

For many in the area, Bloor West Village (BWV) is considered to be the main link between High Park Swansea and the Humber River. The neighbourhood is considered one of the first-ever business improvement areas in history, which has led to a picturesque neighbourhood loved by thousands today.

Today, the small village has become known as the village within the city, as it boasts ample bars, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. It’s the perfect area for foodies and coffee connoisseurs galore.

But not all is modern and contemporary in Bloor West Village, as it’s still home to one of Toronto and Canada’s most historic libraries, the Runnymede Library – a classic piece of Canadian architecture with its colourful and bright red doors.

BWV welcomes individuals and families alike, looking to call this charming area home, with offices and commercial spaces well integrated between the populated residential areas.

Information on Bloor West Village Neighbourhood

Whenever you search for BWV online, the first thing you’ll read is that the neighbourhood has more than 400 different restaurants and cafes to choose from. Quite impressive for a neighbourhood that only covers around eight blocks of city space.

But although retail and hospitality draw in thousands of new inhabitants and visitors each year, one of the key selling points for many is that the neighbourhood runs out onto High Park. The park has become a celebrated destination for locals in the area, with its vast greenery and dog-friendly lawn areas.

Washing onto High Park is the Grenadier Pond and Humber Humber Bay, a popular stop for many on warm sunny days.

It’s the perfect link between areas such as Old Mill, Baby Point, Swansea, High Park, and The Junction. Influences from surrounding areas and neighbourhoods have blended with a neighbourhood rich in culture, history, community-driven values, and family-orientated suburbs. But don’t be surprised to find a generous amount of young, and swanky individuals who frequent the bars and restaurants over weekends.

Walk Score

With just short of 10,000 residents, the BWV area has a walk score of 73, making it one of the most walkable areas in the greater Toronto area. Great effort has gone into making this an excellent residential area for individuals who are looking to have their local grocery store a few short minutes away from their home.

Public Transportation

There is an extensive list of buses and streetcars that run through Bloor Street West, as it’s one of the main connecting points between major suburbs and the inner city.

The most notable public transportation hubs include Jane Subway station and Runnymede subway station, and UP Express Bloor Station.

Additional access to the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard for motorists are available who are looking to easily move in and out of the area.

Bike Score

Residents who prefer to bike around BWV can make use of the neighbourhood’s plentiful bike paths. Bloor West Village has a bike score of 79, which has ranked it the 42nd most walkable and bikeable area in the Toronto area.

School District Ratings

Families who are looking to relocate here can look to place their children in one of nine public schools, seven Catholic schools, or a private school. Most of the public schools scored an average of 8.2 out of 10 when comparing public schools in surrounding suburbs.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

The tree-lined streets are a superb attraction for most families, with detached and semi-detached houses ranging from CAD 1.8 million up to CAD 3 million. This is an average for the area, as some houses offer large and expansive gardens, multiple living rooms, off-street parking, and anything between two to three bedrooms.

Currently, apartments in the more popular areas, such as Runnymede are relatively limited, with averaging prices of CAD 2,600 per month for a two-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment. The Bloor Str West area is the most popular, making it difficult to find a suitable apartment for young individuals who want to be in the centre of the neighbourhood activity.

Investing in Bloor West Village

As a hotspot for independent entrepreneurs, investors who are keen to switch to the BWV area can find suitable investment opportunities all over the neighbourhood. Commercial space here is a popular commodity, but newer developments such as the PICNIC Condominiums are a popular choice among investors looking to get their foot in the door.

Buttonwood Property Management

Great living space is limited in Bloor West Village, thus finding the perfect home for you, or perhaps your family is an essential part of what Buttonwood Property Management is doing in the BWV area.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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