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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

The quaint and quiet neighbourhood of Forest Hill is part of the formerly known Midtown area of the City of Toronto. Large and luxurious detached homes are scattered across the area, with high-end shopping that caters to the many affluent residents.

Across the neighbourhood, one will find parks and recreational facilities that offer residents an abundance of outdoor activities to choose from. Since its incorporation in 1967, along with surrounding neighbourhoods, the area has become well-known for its exclusive and expensive high-end real estate.

Although many of the residents here are either retired or young families who have migrated from the greater York region, Forest Hill still offers a sense of community and relaxation within the heart of the city.

Information on Forest Hill Neighbourhood

The very first recorded inhabitant of Forest Hill was John Wickson, who first built his summer estate among the landscapes in 1860. Wickson, who would later pass away, would become a well-known figure in the urbanization and revitalization of the neighbourhood.

In the early months of 1923, the area was incorporated as a village, and before this, the area was more well-known as the Spadina Heights region.

Along with Swansea Village, Forest Hill, these two villages were two of the last remaining areas that were annexed by the City of Toronto in 1967. Since the annexation, and forming part of the bigger city, the neighbourhood grew to become one of the most affluent and most sought-after areas to live in.

Young and professional couples and families make up most of the residents here. The Forest Hill Village offers a wide variety of shopping and dining experiences, which have been acclaimed as some of the best in the city.

Plentiful parkettes offer some outdoor entertainment for both young and old, with Memorial Park on Chaplin Crescent and Roselawn Cemetery being some of the biggest green areas one will find here. Nicol Macnicol Parkette is a small oval-shaped green space that greets both visitors and residents as they enter via Elm Ridge Drive.

For those who are looking to have better access to outdoor tennis courts, and other recreational activities, Cedarvale Park in Humewood-Cedarvale is easily accessible via Bathurst Drive.

From summer entertainment in outdoor spaces to the 7,200 square foot SummerHill market store frequented by locals in the winter, and busy seasons – there is ample to see, eat and do here.

Walk Score

Various areas of the neighbourhood are relatively walkable. Forest Hill has an average walk score of 84, considerably high when looking at the amount of traffic, public transportation, and main roads present within the center of the neighbourhood.

Public Transportation

Glencairn Subway Station is one of the main public transportation hubs in the area, working on subway line 1. Bus lines 7, 13, and 33 are also available, with a decent amount of bus stations accessible on Marlee Avenue. Eglinton West Station also offers a variety of different bus routes and bus lines.

Bike Score

The neighbourhood is extremely bikeable, considering the number of small households and families that reside within the area. The average bike score comes up to 97, one of the highest among the midtown neighbourhoods.

This makes it easier for both residents, and those who work within the neighbourhood to access various points of interest.

School District Ratings

Schools here are some of the most well-sought after among public schools in the greater Toronto area. With a total of five public schools, schools have an average rating of 8 or higher. Most of the public schools here have scored an average of 72.1, far beyond the Ontario average of 67.5.

Public schools include North Preparatory Junior Public School, Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School, Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, Mapping The Forest Hull Ci’s Outdoor, and Forest Hill Public School.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

If one is willing to pay a bit higher to stay in one of the best and most sought-after neighbourhoods of Toronto, one should regard the fact that rental prices here are somewhat higher.

A one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment can vary, anything from CAD 2,000 to CAD 2,300 per month, while a detached one-bedroom condo will price between CAD 1,530 to CAD 2,660 per month.

Larger homes that are up for sale can be sold on average for CAD 2.4 million, with an annual change of 19.8%. These are some of the more affordable housing prices in the neighbourhood, as home prices can reach as high as CAD 6.9 million for recently listed mansions.

Investing in Forest Hill

There is a small portion of investment opportunities available, with luxury condos priced at CAD 1.4 million, CAD 660,000 decrease from their listing price one year earlier. Homes and other larger condominiums are around 14 days on the market.

Forest Hill is more well-known for its detached homes, catering to single and small families, with prices starting as low as CAD 1.4 million for pre-development investment.

Buttonwood Property Management

Property management has become one of the most lucrative activities in the neighbourhood with a large portion of residents finding it more financially attractive to rent out single-family homes. With so many options and a popular housing market, Buttonwood offers exception services in property management for the Forest Hill area.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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