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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

If you are an international investor looking at buying investment properties in Toronto – here is all you need to know before embarking on this potentially rewarding journey:

You will meet experts with deep insights into: Financing your purchase to secure a mortgage, Legal aspects you should be aware of, Insurance, Taxation and our final video about Residential Property Management & Rental will bring it all together. We are not going to talk about the benefits of buying Canadian real estate assets, since we touched on this in previous articles.

However before getting into the details a typical engagement usually starts with Investment consulting. This is where we get to know you as an investor and recommend suitable investments that fit your specific needs and that pass our rigorous 12 step filtration process.


Rated Best Property Management Company in Toronto Across all Platforms

11 years operating in a service industry that primarily deals with addressing issues - without a single negative review! We don't say this to impress you as it can change any day, but to impress upon you the extent to which we are willing to go to ensure a great service.

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Here is what international real estate investors typically need to secure a non-resident mortgage:

  • 35% down payment of the overall purchase price (with 90 day verification history of source of funds)
  • Employment verification
  • Assets overview
  • Investment statements
  • Bank reference letter dated within the past 90 days

Our two most popular Residential Property Management offers

Property Management Services Toronto

Free Tenant Placement (50% off)

If your property is vacant - we’ll find and place a tenant free of charge with a property management contract. Talk about value proposition it doesn’t get better than that.

Free Tenant Placement


Property Management Services Toronto

2 Months Free

If your property is already tenanted – we’ll waive our property management fees for 2 months. Great for those with tenanted properties who are ready for professional rental management.

2 Months Free Trial


Legal representation for international investors when buying Toronto residential real estate investments:

  • As an international real estate investors when should I engage a Layer?
  • What does a Lawyer usually check for to assist with my real estate purchase?
  • Do I need to be presently available in Canada for closing?
  • What is Title Insurance and why is it highly recommended?
  • What are the typical costs international investors may encounter during the registration phase?

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Both Property Owners and Tenants Love Us!

Real estate insurance to ensure proper coverage for your real estate investments:

  • What is general property insurance?
  • What is landlord insurance and why is it important?
  • What is Tenant insurance and why is it important?
  • If a Landlord has Insurance why does a Tenant need to have Liability and content insurance on top of that?
  • Can I buy landlord insurance as a non-resident real estate investors?
  • How long will it take to issue the policy?

Our core values set us apart

Property Management Services Toronto


We are transparent, honest, and consistent.
Our relationships are based on respect and fairness and our actions demonstrate our integrity.

Property Management Services Toronto


We’re known as a company that cares about clients and delivers superior services for the right price.

Property Management Services Toronto


We are experts specializing in the Greater Toronto Area and can deliver long term solutions that meet your custom needs.

Property Management Services Toronto


We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve their peace of mind and business objectives.

Tax implications for non-residents owners who own rental properties in Canada:

  • What are the tax implications non-residents need to be aware of when it comes to rental income generated in Canada?
  • Are there any tax implications when acquiring or selling a property as a non-resident?
  • What if a non-resident continued to file as a resident even after leaving the country for an extended period of time?
  • If an individual gets a job offer for an assignment outside of Canada – how can they prove to CRA that they are a non-resident especially if they still own Canadain real estate and have a bank account, etc.?

Our Price Match Guarantee, Rent Guarantee, and Commitment to low fees lead to better returns on your investment

Property management and rental services that are easy to understand and affordable to all investors in the Greater Toronto Area.

Property Management Services Toronto

We Price Match Guarantee

Although our services are head and shoulders above industry standard and our stellar reviews reflect that. We believe in price matching for qualified properties to put our best foot forward in starting our relationship. Our goal is to be your property manager for years to come and not have you searching for other property management services ever again!

Save More

Price Match Guarantee


Property Management Services Toronto

Rent Guarantee Program

Get paid rent on-time every month even if the tenant defaults on rental payment. That's property management at it's best!

Property Management Services Toronto

Our Commitment to Low Fees

Our value proposition combines quality services and low fees
leading to greater investment returns over time.

Brining it all together with Toronto  Residential Property Management & Rental Services:

A typical investment cycle includes finding and buying a property, holding it for a period of time for appreciation and accumulating equity, then selling when the time is right. We all heard the adage that you don’t make your money on the buy side nor on the sell side – you make your money on the HOLD phase. Our slogan is “Real Estate Wealth Over Time” we always say when you buy an investment it is something that you aspire to own for generations to come. You are merely a custodian for that period of time and then transition your legacy along to the next generation.

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