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Property Management Services Toronto

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Property Management Services Toronto

The Bedford Park neighbourhood has become a popular destination for families and retirees looking to enjoy an upscale lifestyle. The neighbourhood is situated in the former Midtown area, making its proximity to the city center and surrounding suburbs a popular place for families with children, and young individuals who still work in the city.

Some parks and parklets make up most of the available green spaces in the neighbourhood, with Wanless Park as the largest public park in the area. At Wanless Park residents can enjoy the recreational facilities, playgrounds, and outdoor activities that all cater to the somewhat affluent locals.

Most of the neighbourhood has been appraised for its safety and high standards of living. Choices of public schools and the ample public transportation facilities available in the area are what captivates most Torontonians to migrate towards the Bedford Park area.

Information on Bedford Park Neighbourhood

Once an outpost, or a halfway point that was used by farmers traveling to and from the markets in Toronto, the Bedford Park neighbourhood was once home to the Bedford Park Hotel, which opened its doors in 1873.

A few years later, the Metropolitan Street Railway opened, offering residents of the time better access and movement in and out of the city. The small area would form part of the Town of North Toronto and would become annexed by the City of Toronto in 1912.

While a lot has changed in the area, commercial and retail spaces on Yonge Street have made it easier for residents to enjoy the local cuisine and high-end boutiques. From popular wine bars, coffee shops, and other eateries, there is no shortage when it comes to entertainment.

A weekend at the Rosedale Golf Club is considered one of the highlights for any person who’s simply passing through. Outdoor and leisure aren’t limited, with various green spaces accessible throughout the park. The Douglas Greenbelt, Woburn Avenue Playground, Yonge Boulevard Parkette, and the sought-after Wanless Park have both families and retirees enjoy nature right at the foot of their home.

Families here generally have a higher income, but there is a small handful of young working individuals who still commute to and from the city every day. The neighbourhood resembles the true meaning of the Torontonian suburban lifestyle, with high-end homes, tree-lined streets, and local boutiques and shops.

Walk Score

Although the area has some beautiful attractions, Bedford Park has a walk score of 63. Most of the surrounding neighbourhoods in Nortown have a lower walk score, as it’s considered a more suburban area, as opposed to what the inner city may be.

Public Transportation

For those looking to get around easier without the use of a car, bus lines 52, 95, and 97 services the Bedford Park neighbourhood. Most bus stations are situated on Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue East. There is also a subway station, the Lawrence Subway Station, that is served by subway line 1.

Bike Score

Most of the residents here will either make use of public transportation or personal vehicles, giving the neighbourhood a low bike score of 55.

School District Ratings

According to The Education Quality and Accountability Office, recent EQAO results for schools in the neighbourhood have all surpassed 85%, as most of the residents here have chosen Bedford Park for its great public schools.

Schools include Bedford Park Public School, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, John Wanless Junior Public School, Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School, and The Dunblaine School.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

There is a variety of small, semi-detached, and detached homes available to rent. Residents looking for something smaller can perhaps move into one of the condos, or apartments that are available in Bedford Park.

Affordability is key here, as a one-bedroom semi-detached condo will cost on average between CAD 1,650 to CAD 2,000 per month. A larger three-bedroom home can become quite pricey, with an average monthly rent of CAD 5,000.

While rental prices have been relatively stable in recent months, property sales have been soaring. As of November 2021, the median house price in the neighbourhood was close to around CAD 1.9 million. Low inventory and high demand have left house prices to increase year over year.

On average homes are on the market for 12 days, as Bedford Park has become a popular neighbourhood for not just young families, but also wealthier retired individuals.

Investing in Bedford Park

Some of the investment opportunities here are divided among a wide range of different homes, with around 63% of property containing a detached house, and only 13% are condos or apartments. There is a selection of modern, and more traditional homes, but overall more modern real estate has become the most sought-after investment opportunity.

At this point in time investing in commercial properties seems to be a good option as commercial prices have been declining recently. A decent-sized retail space can start at CAD 159,000, with the most recent and expensive being close to CAD 359,000.

Although the retail and commercial property is cheap, one can also consider purchasing a more traditional home, with an average price of just below CAD 1.2 million and using it as a fixer-up project for later resale.

Buttonwood Property Management

Whether you’re an investor, or a family looking to move to Bedford Park, Buttonwood Property Management has years of experience in delivering exceptional service and finding the most affordable and luxurious homes for any person. Perhaps as an investor, you’re considering purchasing a business, or retail space – there are endless opportunities available in Bedford Park.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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