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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Located in the west wing of Toronto, is a neighbourhood rich in culture, diversity, and nature. A place where the streets are lined with rare oak trees, and the homes resemble the charm of the early 19th century. 

High Park North, as some may call it, is an area with a diverse ecological background, ample local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other family fun activities. The neighbourhood is more commonly known for the park which it borders, one of Toronto’s most well-preserved natural parks right on the banks of Lake Ontario. 

The neighbourhood, which gets its name from the park, accommodates residents from every type of background. The neighbors here are young working professionals, small to medium-sized families, and a scattering of retired residents. 

High Park truly has some exceptional charm, and it’s why so many have now called this community their home. The neighbourhood is the picture-perfect combination of city and suburbia, right on the shore of Lake Ontario. 

Information on High Park Neighbourhood

A lot can be said about the history of the area, but one has to visit in order to experience it first hand. The houses are a blend of 1800 Tudor, Edwardian, and 19000 Victorian-style homes. Although rich in historical architecture, these buildings now provide needed housing to the residents of High Park. 

For some part, these homes make up a chunk of the area’s charm. There is a big concentration of local merchants and businesses, organic produce markets, the proximity to Bloor West Village makes it easy to visit a variety of foreign shops, restaurants, and bars over a weekend. 

Of course, for those who want to experience nature a bit better, High Park has an almost endless list of outdoor activities and recreational facilities. Fishing ponds, tennis courts, flower gardens, picnic areas, and sporting fields. These are just a few of the best spots frequented by the residents of High Park, Roncesvalles, and Swansea. 

Nothing can quite match the beauty and tranquility that High Park has to offer. It boasts opportunities for investors and developers alike, as most of the area has become popular for younger individuals who are looking for the perfect home close to the city and in a range with large green parks and amenities. 

Walk Score

Seeing as the area is located so close to some popular attractions and a 400-acre park, a majority of the neighbourhood is largely walkable, as High Park has a total walk score of 74, making it the 41st most walkable neighbourhood in Toronto. 

Public Transportation

Getting around without a car is quite easy as one has a wide variety of public transportation options to choose from. Bus lines 41, 80, 89, and 941 serve the area, with most of the bus stops located on Annette Street. 

There’s also train line UP, and Subway line 2, with subway stations located on Keele Street and Dundas West. Finally, you can also make use of Streetcars 501 and 506 to access adjacent neighbourhoods. 

Bike Score

With more than 21,239 residents living in the area, the average bike score of High Park is 74. As a large majority of residents are quite young, most of the bike around to their favorite spots, work, and recreational facilities. 

School District Ratings

There’s also a small enclave of families that reside here, which makes schools high in demand. Average ratings of schools here vary between 6.8 and 7.4. 

Some of the most popular schools include Garden Avenue Public School, Annette Street Public School, Keele Street Public School, Howard Public School, and Runnymede Junior & Senior Public School.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Seeing as the neighbourhood has become relatively popular among younger residents, apartments are currently in high demand. A one-bedroom apartment rents for CAD 1,750 per month, while a two-bedroom can go for CAD 2,650 per month. Studio apartments can go for anything between CAD 1,450 and CAD 1,650 per month, with a 4% increase in rental prices in the last few months. 

Larger, more family-style dwellings are quite popular as well, with the average selling price of CAD 1.3 million, being available for around 13 days on the market. There has been a 17.4% yearly change to real estate prices, and the area has seen in one month, home prices soar by more than 11.5%. 

Anything from a two-bedroom detached house, to a five-bedroom detached house, will cost between CAD 1.2 million or CAD 1.7 million respectively.

Investing in High Park

Both commercial and residential property investments are in high demand. With a lot of retail and commercial spaces currently available, investors will be glad to hear that some commercial spaces can go for quite cheap. 

Small retail spaces range between CAD 699,000 to CAD 1.2 million. There are of course large industrial and warehouse-sized commercial spaces available with a median price of CAD 5.6 million and higher. For those who want to own a piece of retail space in popular and high-traffic areas, prices can average between CAD 2.6 million and CAD 3.8 million. 

On the other side, residential property is quite hard to come by, especially if you’re an investor. Popular and modern condos such as The Address at High Park is one of a few condo apartment buildings that draw in a lot of investors. 

There are a few pre-development investment opportunities currently available, but those can be hard to come by, as young individuals are quick to snag those opportunities. 

Buttonwood Property Management

While it may be difficult to find the perfect home or retail shop in High Park, Buttonwood works towards excellence. Helping to create opportunities for any family or individual, and lending a helping hand to investors who want to own a piece of the charming High Park neighbourhood. 


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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