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Property Management Services Toronto

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It can be quite confusing to find yourself around the area, but mostly Danforth comprises three main districts. The Danforth, East Danforth, and Danforth Village.

Danforth has come to life in recent years for its multicolored shopping area located along the well-known Danforth Avenue. While the entire area has a longstanding history with the rest of Toronto, residents here enjoy the selection of local shops, boutique stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. 

The highlight of the area, which is the summer festival hosted every year along Danforth Avenue attracts thousands of visitors and has made the neighbourhood a must-visit destination for residents from surrounding areas. 

The area has become well-known for its large Greek community, hence the summer festival hosted each year. Throughout the neighbourhood, one will find a handful of parkettes, playgrounds, and public amenities all enjoyed by the diverse community of residents.

One will easily become confused between The Danforth and Danforth Village, while they may share some similarities, Danforth Village has become a popular destination for young, vibrant, and single professionals. 

Yet, The Danforth offers the same experiences but has a mix of young families and professionals looking to still live in proximity to the inner city

Information on Danforth Neighbourhood

The earliest collection of information on Danforth dates back to 1799 when Asa Danforth was commissioned to cut the Danforth, a gravel road at the time, that connected the east end with the city. 

Danforth was one of the earliest areas that were annexed by the City of Toronto in 1884. While at the time, most of the surrounding land was still undeveloped, and home to some rural dwellings and farms, the city would annex surrounding villages during the early 1900s, which would later become an amalgamated neighbourhood which we know today as Danforth. 

While it has a longstanding history with the expansion of the city and the large immigrant population that helped develop the neighbourhood, Danforth is now a trendy and upmarket neighbourhood that is home to a variety of cultural and historical facilities. 

The most important are the local attractions such as restaurants, and eateries, Stephenson Park, Merrill Bridge Road Park, East Lyn Park, and Monarch Park. There’s also a selection of churches, schools, and smaller playgrounds that cater to young families and parents residing in the area. 

Walk Score

Because most of the popular and more trendy attractions are located along Danforth Avenue, the neighbourhood is relatively easy to travel by foot, with an average walk score of 89

Public Transportation

There are plenty of public transit options to choose from, with most of the essential stops and stations located on Danforth Avenue. Bus lines 23, 56, 62, 87, 113, and 924 runs along the stretch of the main roads. While train line LE and Subway line 2 is also currently serving the area

Most of the roads lead up to Danforth Avenue and a majority of the main roads all-access larger highways which easily lead into the city. 

Bike Score

The average bike score of Danforth is 80. 

School District Ratings

There is no shortage of schools in the area, and currently, the average school rating is between 5 and 6.7 considering the surrounding areas. 

Some of the schools which are available include, Earl Haig Public School, Greenwood Secondary School, St. Brigid Catholic School, Wilkinson Junior Public School, St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School, and William J McCordic School, among others. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Because of its proximity in east Toronto, most of the rental prices in the area have seen some increase in recent months. A one-bedroom apartment currently rents for CAD 1,595, and a two-bedroom apartment for CAD 2,250 per month. 

On average, residents pay between CAD 1,600 and CAD 3,000 per month on property rental, these include semi-detached houses, condos, and smaller apartments. 

For those who want to purchase any form of property, Danforth is more affordable considering the number of amenities and recreational facilities available in the area. 

According to some of the most recent statistics, the average house price in Danforth Village is between CAD 1.2 and CAD 1.3 million. But smaller and more modern condos will cost on average between CAD 560,000 and CAD 620,000.

Investing in Danforth

Real estate investors will be happy to know that there are a lot of new developments in the pipeline for the year ahead. 

On Main Road and Danforth Avenue, LinX suites and apartments will be some of the newest on the block, with one-bedroom and larger apartments starting at CAD 900,000. The larger, three-bedroom apartments have also recently become available, with prices starting at CAD 1.1 million.

There are currently talks about other developments also planned for Danforth in the year ahead, but nothing has yet to be clarified. In addition to the LinX, there are existing apartment buildings and condos that have gone up for sale, with prices ranging between CAD 700,000 and CAD 820,000.

Buttonwood Property Management

Buttonwood Property Management has worked tirelessly to offer investors and homebuyers the best options in real estate when it comes to Danforth. With a selection of high-end condos and apartments available and a handful of larger family-style homes, our team with years of experience is working to offer the best service and budget-friendly options regardless of your needs.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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