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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

In 2014, Lawrence Park was voted as the 8th wealthiest neighbourhood in all of Canada. The affluent neighbourhood with its lush green parks and tree-lined streets attract some of the most prominent families across Toronto each year. 

The neighbourhood is a bustling community of residents, who enjoy walks in Sherwood Park, Blythwood Ravine Park, and the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. Natural scenery and beautifully landscaped gardens leave many who only pass through speechless, as detached homes are scattered among the boutique shops and local eateries. 

For many years, Lawrence Park has been overlooked, but early revitalization and constant maintenance have dubbed it as one of the best neighbourhoods for families. Residents here range from retired executives and young professional families. 

Geographically, Lawrence Park is situated in Midtown Toronto, which makes it easy for commuters to access surrounding suburbs. 

It’s not just the scenery and boutique shops that attract ample new residents each year to this quaint neighbourhood – the sense of community captivates many to call this prestigious area their new home. 

Information on Lawrence Park Neighbourhood

Like many other areas in Toronto, Lawrence Park dates back to the early 1900s. At the time, John Lawrence and his family used to be the sole land-owning family of the area. After the area was purchased by Dovercourt Land Building and Saving Company, the area became more residential and saw a home-dwelling popup over the coming years. 

Much of the area today caters more towards retirees and families, although you can expect to find the odd young individual running in the nearby parks or frequenting the local cafes. 

Some Torontonians who are lucky enough to call Lawrence Park their home, frequently call upon the untouched beauty and tranquility the neighbourhood offers, while being situated right in the center of midtown. 

Today, the area is now one of the most popular for wealthy Canadians who want to form part of a historical community and take up residence in one of the many English Style cottage homes. 

From the vast homes to the historic landmarks hidden in plain sight – Lawrence Park is the perfect example of how quality over time will offer a lifetime of beauty. 


Walk Score

Most of the inner parts of the neighbourhood are relatively walkable, but Lawrence Park has been dubbed as the 75th most walkable neighbourhood in Toronto, with a walk score of 59

The small cluster of businesses and local merchants are somewhat scattered, making it a bit more difficult for residents to walk to their favorite shop or the local produce market. 

Public Transportation

Among the stretch of Mt Pleasant Road, residents can make use of bus lines 95 or 97. These lines are also accessible via Yonge Street. Buses mostly offer the best form of public transportation in the area. 

If you’re perhaps looking to commute a bit further out, Subway Line 1 is accessible via the Lawrence Subway Station on the corner of Lawrence Avenue East. Going to and from the neighbourhood by car is still more popular than making use of public transportation. 

Bike Score

With a population of just 15,000 residents, some of the areas offer ample bike paths and routes that can be used. The average bike score for Lawrence Park is 63, a bit higher than what one will expect for a neighbourhood with such a low walk score. 

School District Ratings

The high-rated schools of Lawrence Park such as Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park, and Bedford Park Public School are some of the most high-ranked schools in the greater Toronto area. Overall, schools have an average rating between 6 and 7.5.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Those who are looking for a small one-bedroom apartment will unfortunately be reminded by the fact that Lawrence Park has very limited apartments and condos available for young professionals. A two-bedroom home can set you back as much as CAD 2,700 per month, while a larger three-bedroom is available at CAD 3,750 per month. 

On average house prices are somewhat higher than what one would expect. The average home sells for around CAD 2.4 million, and recent market insight has indicated that there is on average a 22% monthly change in the property price. Overall, Lawrence Park is immensely popular, and property can be hard to come by.

Investing in Lawrence Park

Although residential housing takes up a decent portion of the neighbourhood, there is a small enclave of commercial property investment available. Commercial space can range between CAD 690,000 up to CAD 1.5 million, depending on the location and the size thereof. 

When it comes to residential investments, one can find ample homes and small detached dwellings up for purchase, but time on the market is limited, and investors will usually lose out, as families are first in line to purchase available homes and property. 

Buttonwood Property Management

Buttonwood Property Management has established a community of property managers in the area, which allows us to easily manage investment properties for investors looking to invest towards the Lawrence Park neighbourhood. 


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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