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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

A unique residential experience is bounded within the confines of Deer Park, an upscale neighbourhood of Toronto. There’s much to do here, especially for young families, and retirees who still enjoy being close enough to the city, but also having all of their local merchants and restaurants within a few minutes’ drive from their home.

Most of Deer Park consists of semi-detached and detached homes, with beautiful and well-kept green spaces that are filled with residents over weekends, and warm summer afternoons.

Many have shared that Deer Park is the perfect suburban retreat because of its location. Easy access to recreational facilities, amenities, schools, and surrounding neighbourhoods has made this area immensely popular for families looking to migrate from the busy city, towards the midtown banks of Toronto.

There is now great history within Deer Park, as its tree-lined streets, and outdoor attractions have made it a suitable living area for higher-income families, or laidback working individuals who can scoff down the finances to purchase a piece of property here.

Information on Deer Park Neighbourhood

As far back as 1837, the name Deer Park originated from the Heath Family who lived and worked in the open fields of the then vastly green and open area.

Since the Heath Family, traditional residential homes and commercial shops have popped up among the streets. In just a short time, the area expanded rapidly and now offers the perfect balance between work and play.

Today, one will find a handful of skyscrapers, such as the Imperial Oil Building and Wittington Tower, creating the neighbourhood skyline. But more than this, there is also a wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, and local markets that cater to the mere 12,000 residents of the area.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a day relaxing in one of the many restaurants or perhaps stroll around the neighbourhood, one will be able to find a unique blend of amenities that attract both young and old.

York Minster Baptist Church, Oriole Park, St. Michael’s Cemetery, and Delisle – St. Clair Parkette are some of the many popular public spaces frequented by residents.

Some contemporary entertainment facilities are scattered along the stretch of Yonge Street-Clair, which allows the locals to unwind after a busy day.

Of course, one cannot live in Deer Park without mentioning the easy access to Upper Canada College which borders the neighbourhood at Oriole Parkway. This is one of the many reasons why you will be able to also not only find retired Torontonians, but also a small community of young and enthusiastic students.

Walk Score

Commercial settings are located within walking distance of residential homes, with Deer Park having a walk score of 88. This makes it easy for both young and old to easily access their favorite restaurants and shops.

Public Transportation

There are two options when it comes to public transportation in the area. The St Clair subway station serves line 1, while bus lines 88 and 97 can also allow for easier commuting around the inner parts of Deer Park. The majority of bus stations are situated along Oriole Parkway.

Bike Score

The whole area is relatively bikeable, with a bike score of 84. This makes it easy for residents to get their daily errands completely via bike.

School District Ratings

Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School are some of the higher-rated schools in midtown Toronto, with a rating of 8.8. Unfortunately, those families looking to have more options regarding schooling will need to look outside of their local area.

This is one of the only local and public schools in Deer Park, which caters to a high number of students, but still manages to maintain a high level of education nonetheless.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Rent for apartments has been fluctuating in recent months, with an annual decrease of 2% in rental prices. A single-bedroom modern apartment is around CAD 1,800 per month, while a larger three-bedroom apartment is still relatively affordable at CAD 2,880 per month.

Buying a house can vary, as larger and more traditional homes are still priced relatively high. On average homes are available for 26 days on the market, and the average asking price ranges from CAD 1.5 million to CAD 2.75 million.

Homes situated close to public parks and high traffic areas are a lot more popular, and being able to sweep up a hot property such as this can be very difficult to come by.

Investing in Deer Park

Deer Park has a scattering of investment opportunities currently available, with most pre-developments already halfway sold. Smaller more modern condos will start at CAD 800,000 on average and can go as high as CAD 1.2 million.

Buttonwood Property Management

Buttonwood Property Management consistently works to ensure a high level of priority is given to interested individuals and families who are looking to invest in the Deer Park area. Catering to their home buying needs and finding suitable real estate investments for investors and home owners alike.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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