The Unique Concerns of Investing for High Net Worth Clients

In recent weeks we have talked about the specific services High Net Worth clients require from property investment and management firms in Toronto. Today we’ll look at some of their unique concerns.

For our HNW clients, the stakes are considerably higher. Or rather, they have similar concerns to your average investors, but the risks and rewards are amplified. A financial legacy requires nurturing for continued growth. And not just nurturing today, but a long-term vision for its protection and growth through generations. Market forces and geopolitical flares that impact global safety and financial stability have a greater impact on those with more to lose.

Moreover, for those who are self-made, success has often come with sacrifice, taking focus and time away from family, friends, and hobbies. A premium, therefore, is placed on their time and who they surround themselves with. They need assurance that your professional and personal ethics, vision, and expertise are aligned with theirs.

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Mitigating tax liability in wealth transfer is another unique concern. With a portfolio of assets to pass on to the next generation, there’s a need to not only understand how best to create a generations-long legacy from a financial standpoint but also to ensure generations to come are financially literate. Taking on the responsibility of family wealth is not for the faint of heart. It is its own business that requires training to learn.

We take pride and pleasure in working with the next generation in families, helping to verse them in the world of property investing and management. This long-term approach allows us to pass on organizational memory, keeping the connection to those initial years of wealth building alive.

Many HNW clients, too, understand that the secret to living is giving. The assets and wealth they generate can be used not only to set their children and grandchildren on the right path but also to make meaningful changes in today’s world, thereby giving those future generations the absolute best future. Giving back to causes, both global and local, is an honour and a privilege. And this is something we have built a business and reputation on.

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Sabine Ghali
Sabine Ghali
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