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Property Management Services Toronto

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The Downsview neighbourhood is known as one of Toronto’s most culturally diverse areas, situated in North York. The neighbourhood is home to a large community of Italian and Jewish residents which makes up a majority of the neighbourhood community.

The area is not only rich in culture but has an extensive history that stretches back to the early 1840s when Downsview was still only considered a farmer’s village which has now become a bustling urbanized area filled with shops, boutiques, residential homes, and even an airport.

From sprawling green parks, recreational facilities, and endless family amenities, a host of young individuals, retirees and new families have called Downsview home in recent years. Oakdale Golf & Country Club is one of the many main attractions in the area, as both residents and neighboring visitors frequent a visit to the golf course.

Information on Downsview Neighbourhood

According to local records, Downview received its name from the original farm which was established by Justice of the Peace, John Perkins Bull in 1842. As the area experienced a mass boom in population during the close of the 19th century, and the City of Toronto expanded, Downsview soon became an annexed neighbourhood of the greater Toronto area we know and love today.

Residents both young and old frequent local parks such as Downsview Dells, Exbury Park, Chalkfarm Park, and Rodin Park. During the summer months, Festival Terrace is alive with music and the arts, bringing a variety of cultural events to the local area.

Many of the local merchants and shops here are mainly focused on catering to the residents, and one will find a plethora of affordable shops and restaurants enjoyed by the ethnically diverse community.

Although the neighbourhood has undergone some changes in recent years, many of those who enjoy the free public amenities and recreational facilities will share that its proximity to the greater York and downtown Toronto area is the perfect place for young families to settle.

Considering the number of schools, big box commercial stores, and residential dwellings there’s ample opportunity for investors to seek new ways in which they can uplift the community through investment both in residential and commercial property.

Walk Score

Because Downsview covers such an expansive area, most of the neighbourhood isn’t as walkable as one would prefer it to be. The current indications show that the neighbourhood has a walk score of 47, far below what other areas in neighboring suburbs can offer.

The size and layout of the neighbourhood make it a bit more difficult to get around by foot, as most of the residents here will either commute by car or make use of public transportation.

Public Transportation

In terms of public transportation, bus lines 84 and 108 offer residents the ability to move in and between the area. Some of the major bus stops are located on Keele Street, Sheppard Avenue, and Wycombe Road.

There is also the option to make use of Train BR accessible via Shepard Avenue, while Subway line 1 serves the better part of the Downview Airport side, which runs down into the greater Toronto area.

Easy access to the Ontario Expressway 400 and 401 is one of the best ways for local commuters to easily get in and out of the area, and the Express Toll Route is located just north of the neighbourhood.

Bike Score

The winding roads and busy highways might make it a bit too difficult for cyclists to get around, as the area has a low bike score of 42.

Some of the residential areas which are located close to commercial and retail areas might be a bit more bikeable, while the inner parts and those located closer to the airport may require one to make use of public transportation or perhaps your vehicle.

School District Ratings

With a population of over 38,000 residents, families who settle here do so because of easy access to parks and the Downsview schools.

Schools have an average rating of 5.0 according to the latest Fraser Institute rankings.

The most prevalent schools here include St. André Catholic School, Tumpane Public School, Chalkfarm Public School, Highview Public School, St Basil-The-Great Public School, and Beverley Heights Middle School, among others.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Rental prices have remained quite stable, even as most of Toronto has experienced soaring rental prices in recent months. The average one-bedroom apartment rents for CAD 1,647 per month, while a two-bedroom can rent for CAD 1,945.

On average you will notice that apartment rent is considerably affordable when comparing it to other neighbourhoods in the Toronto, or North York area. Even a large three-bedroom apartment will only cost about CAD 2,200 per month on average, still cheap compared to the inner-city.

In terms of purchasing a house, investors and families will notice that one will be able to get more for less money. Some currently available listings for houses consisting of two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms are available for a starting average of CAD 1.4 million.

Some modern detached homes can cost above CAD 2.4 million, while you may be able to win a larger detached home for as little as CAD 1.6 million. Buying a home here has become a great investment opportunity for both individual investors, young families, and working professionals.

Investing in Downsview

There are some apartment listings currently available with the median price hovering close to CAD 550,000 for a two to a three-bedroom apartment in a sought-after apartment building close to all parks and shops.

Apartments and commercial real estate located closer to more high-end parks in the neighbourhood will start at CAD 640,000 and can go as high as CAD 990,000.

These apartments are still more affordable than those one might come across in the bustling midtown area, or even center city.

Buttonwood Property Management

While many residents and investors have overlooked what Downview has to offer in terms of real estate investment, Buttonwood shares a passion for bringing people closer to more affordable, and high-end investment opportunities available in the area.


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Property Management Services Toronto

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Property Management Services Toronto

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