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The upscale neighbourhood of Bayview Village creates a chic atmosphere for its high-end residents with its sprawling green spaces, and the tree-lined Don River which snakes its way through the eastern side of the neighbourhood. 

While the area was once a small farmer’s village, residential and commercial urbanization has changed the landscape completely. Today, the neighbourhood has become well-known for the popular Bayview Village Shopping Centre, home to some leading international and local retailers. 

But it’s not only commercial and retail that has placed the area on the map for many Torontonians. The skyline features three spiraling condo apartment buildings, which have become a significant landmark for the area. 

The community is made out of young families who have left the hustle and bustle of North York and the inner-city behind, seeking a more tranquil and suburban lifestyle. From the families, retirees, and professionals who reside here, there is ample to experience and enjoy, as there’s no shortage of parks and recreational facilities. 

Information on Bayview Village Neighbourhood

The very first inhabitants of the area found themselves here at the start of the 1800s. During this time, a farmer and influential figure in the rural farming community, Thomas Clark would later lead his neighbors to establish their farms and homes around the Don River, lined with cedar, pine, and birch trees. 

By the mid-1950s, the area which is part of North York would undergo development by Farlinger Development Ltd. By the early end of the decade, most of the plots, and roads were mapped and residents would soon move into the upscale neighbourhood we know it as today. 

The modern-day neighbourhood offers both a feeling of living within the city and in suburbia. Home to various boutique stores, restaurants, bars, and even office buildings, the combination of work and play is one of the many reasons this neighbourhood has become so popular for the majority of its residents aged between 25 and 65. 

Commercialization of the area and districts zoned for business is one of the main drawing points for investors and private developers. 

Residential development is a constant buzz, as local parks such as Bayview Village Park, Villaway Park, Ethennonnhawahstihnen Park, and Rean Park allow young and old to enjoy the sporting facilities and picnic areas. 

There’s plenty to enjoy about Bayview Village, and the community offers a diverse blend of residents which makes the area a dynamic, yet sophisticated choice for potential investors. 

Walk Score

The neighbourhood, although large, has a walk score of 55, with most of the apartment buildings and condos located close to attractions and large parks. 

Public Transportation

For those who frequent and make use of public transportation, bus lines 11 and 85 serve the neighbourhood, with all bus stops located on Bayview Avenue. 

Additionally, there are also subway lines 1 and 4, with three subway stations located on Sheppard Avenue East. The Ontario 410 Expressway is easily accessible via Leslie Street and Bayview Avenue. 

Bike Score

Residents who wouldn’t normally make use of cars or public transportation can easily bike around most of the neighbourhood with a current average bike score of 65. 

School District Ratings

Bayview Village schools are rated between 7.6 and 8, significantly higher than in surrounding neighbourhoods. 

Some of the schools here include Elkhorn Public School, Bayview Middle School, Signet Christian Private School, and Bay School of Canada. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

While rental prices have been changing year-over-year, one-bedroom apartment rents for CAD 1,960 per month, while a larger three-bedroom condo can go as high as CAD 2,746 per month. Rental prices for studio apartments have been on the downward trend in the last few months, with a single studio apartment renting for CAD 1,765 per month. 

Currently, home prices here have been stabilizing in recent months, with the average cost of a home edging closer to CAD 2.1 million, which is around 18% higher than the Toronto average. A semi-detached home can cost on average CAD 1.0 million and more, depending on the location and whether it’s been recently renovated. 

Investing in Bayview Village

Bayview has some very attractive investment opportunities in both residential and commercial property. 

For starters, the newly developed Bayview at the Village Condos has attracted investors from all over, with an occupancy date scheduled for early 2024. The new apartment building will house everything residents will need and more. 

Homes and other condos in the neighbourhood are on average priced somewhat better, in terms of what you will get for your initial investment. While this sounds like the perfect combination, residential property is on average just 15 or more days on the market. 

Commercial and retail spaces are ample to choose from, with some spaces available for as little as CAD 99,000. Prices can vary depending on the location and nearby attractions. More high-end and prominent commercial spaces located on busy streets or intersections can go for anything between CAD 199,000 to CAD 480,000 and CAD 670,000 on average. 

Buttonwood Property Management

With so much to enjoy in the Bayview Village neighbourhood, residents and investors who are planning to migrate here in the coming year should consider the assistance of a group such as Buttonwood Property Management to locate the perfect home, office, or retail outlet for you. 


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