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There’s a lot to say about the Village of Kleinburg, situated in the city of Vaughan, just outside of the greater Toronto area. All the while Kleinburg may not be an unofficial village anymore, residents of the area still enjoy the rich history and culture that has helped put this community on the map.

For the most part, the community of Kleinburg resides in an area surrounded by parks, and green hills that stretch for miles on end. During the 20th century, most of the current modern development took place, and despite all the renovations and changes the area has undergone in the last few decades, there’s still a strong connection to its heritage. 

Being so close to the Humber River, one can expect to have a more tranquil and relaxed lifestyle, as locals frequent visits to Bloyd North and Glasco Park. From here, you can follow biking and hiking trails that will lead you deep into the forests of the greater Vaughan area. 

Despite its limitations in terms of retail and commercial opportunities, Torontonians still frequently drive-through for the local farmer markets, and the Binder Twine Festival that is held on the first Saturday after Labor Day. 

It’s quite interesting to live in such a historic little village, that captures the beauty offered of the Vaughan region, while also being home to an enclave of European-inspired homes and buildings. At first arrival, it will feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, but just a few minutes down the road you will have access to local stores, boutiques, and chain restaurants. 

Kleinburg blends two wholly different worlds into one.

Information on Kleinburg Neighbourhood

The earliest collection of maps and data of Kleinburg comes from the 1870s when John Nicholas Klein Sr first settled in the area. When it was still mostly rural farmlands, the Kleinburg village was home to an endless selection of biodiversity. 

The village would soon become a town, and attract farmers and residents from all over Ontario and the rest of the world. The name of Kleinburg stems from the German translation which means “Small Town,” and while Kleinburg has managed to keep this reputation, local attractions have seen ample Torontians flee the hustle and bustle of the city to settle here. 

One of the most notable attractions for both residents and non-residents is the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, a collection of art pieces that focuses on the Group of Seven. Sonoma Heights Community Park and the Elder’s Mills Nature Reserve are some of the more popular green areas situated in Kleinburg. 

There’s also the Kortright Center for Conservation and the Story Walk by Vaughan Public Library. Most of the scenic attractions are based on the history of Kleinburg, including the local retail shops, restaurants, and boutique stores. 

Walk Score

The stores, apartments, and some houses located to the center of the Kleinburg Village on Islington Avenue are mostly walkable. Unfortunately, until recently there has been no active research conducted to calculate the current walk score of the Kleinburg area. 

Most of the local attractions are easily accessible via commuting by car. 

Public Transportation

Bus lines 13 and 85 service the area, with pick and drop-off points, stops on Islington Avenue and Napa Valley Avenue. 

Bike Score

The area is somewhat bikeable, with an average bike score of 27. 

School District Ratings

Local schools have an average rating of 6.1, and the schools are situated across the neighbourhood. The schools include Kleinburg Public School, Montessori School of Kleinburg, Kleinburg Christian Academy, Elementary School La Fontaine, Emily Carr Secondary School, and Lorna Jackson Public School, among others. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

The majority of homes here are large four-bedroom dwellings that rent on average between CAD 3,000 and CAD 3,700 per month. Some smaller apartments and studio rentals are hard to come by, and locals who would prefer smaller living spaces would need to visit local property experts such as Buttonwood to have access to these listings. 

Home prices have been increasing in recent months, with more and more homes lasting less than one month on the market. As of December 2021, the median house price was averaged at CAD 2.2 million. The area has a wide range of detached homes, all consisting of four or more bedrooms. 

Investing in Kleinburg

As mentioned, the Kleinburg area has a select few real estate opportunities, mostly out of residential dwellings. Homes here are on average priced higher compared to other areas of Vaughan, but investors will be able to have access to some of the very best property options Kleinburg has to offer. 

Buttonwood Property Management

Although it may seem incredibly difficult to achieve investment success when looking for property in Kleinburg, there’s always an easy way for Buttonwood Property Management to assess some of the very best local listings for potential investors and families looking to move into the local area. 



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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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