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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Bolton is a small unincorporated village located about 30 miles north of the City of Toronto. The area of Bolton has grown to become a popular summer destination for many city residents, as it boasts ample green spaces, natural conservation areas, hiking and picnic areas, and a selection of premium artisan markets. 

The village, which was once a small rural farm, has grown significantly in recent decades, enjoying its most populous boom of new inhabitants between 1960 and 2000. The village is situated in Caledon, a large open piece of land situated northwest of central Toronto

The area has now become Caledon’s first Heritage Conservation District as it features an array of historic buildings, homes, and parks. While the residents may enjoy the natural scenery, there are quite a few attractions in the area which over the year attract thousands of visitors to the charming village. 

Information on Bolton Neighbourhood

Reading about the history of Bolton, one finds that the village was named after James Bolton, one of the very first settlers in the area around 1814. Over the industrial age, Bolton became home to large manufacturing facilities and numerous corporations settled in the village. Quickly the village caught traction, and a population boom occurred which enabled thousands of new residents to live and work within the small village. 

By 1974, Bolton, Albion, and Caledon would merge to form the new Town Of Caledon. Although Bolton is not necessarily a village or town of its own anymore, it still managed to retain its rich history and heritage, which to this day still lives on. 

With the Humber River which cuts through the village and the massive Bolton Resource Management Tract which is home to soccer fields, recreation centers, and a wellness center, the village has quite the public amenities to offer residents. 

There’s also a selection of beautiful parks, including Edelweiss Park, Dicks Dam Park, Humber Grove Park, the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, and the most well-known Nashville Conservation Reserve which is a quick 10-minute drive from the center of Bolton. 

Although small, and still in its infancy to hopefully become a larger city in a few years, Bolton has some interesting restaurants, local bars, and eateries. Residents shop at local farmer’s markets and frequent the annual fair hosted at the Albion-Bolton Fairgrounds. 

During the winter, a blanket of snow covers the village houses and buildings, setting an image quite similar to that of smaller European towns. The most popular is spring and summer when the surrounding area is a burst of different colors, and the forests team with life. 

Ultimately, we’d say Bolton is the perfect place to reside if you enjoy the countryside, while still having access to the best in shopping and dining, right on the doorstep of north Toronto. 

Walk Score

Currently, there is no researched or established walk score for the Bolton area. Although, most of the town is quite walkable, with shops and local businesses situated close to each other. Homes and residential areas are a bit further from most of the attractions, but overall it’s still manageable to get around on foot. 

Public Transportation

As of 2019, the Bolton Line, which predominantly serves the greater area of Bolton and the Town of Caledon was opened. Today it offers around 27 bus stops and various routes. Additional upgrades to the transit system are currently underway, and the Town of Caledon municipality is working to implement a second Bolton Line within the next few years. 

If you’re traveling from Toronto, you will either need to commute by car, or you can make use of bus line 38 to get you to Bolton. 

Bike Score

In 2020, the community of Bolton and surrounding towns researched to upgrade existing infrastructure and roads to be more bicycle-friendly. Currently, there is no active or established bike score available, but indicators reveal anything between 6 and 6.8 out of 10. This would in essence give Bolton a bike score of 60. 

School District Ratings

Although Bolton has mainly rural public schools it is rated between 7 and 7.6 according to Fraser Institute. Some of the schools in the area include St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School, Wali ul Asr School, St Nicholas Elementary School, Countryside Montessori & Private School, and Allan Drive Middle School. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Research indicates that rent in Bolton is considerably affordable, with most semi-detached and detached homes renting on average between CAD 2,750 and CAD 4,550 per month. The most popular rentals consist of upmarket and modern semi-detached homes.

For apartments, a larger two-bedroom apartment can on average rent for CAD 2,750 per month, while a condo apartment can cost anything between CAD 1,850 and CAD 2,000 per month. 

When purchasing a home in Bolton, most newly built modern dwellings can range between CAD 899,999 and CAD 1.1 million. Smaller, more traditional houses are sold for anything between CAD 690,000 and CAD 800,000. 

Investing in Bolton

Bolton has seen some new developments taking place, the most notable being the Bolton Camp Project. The development will be refurbishing and redeveloping a historic camp, making space for public parks, local merchants, and a theatre. 

The development is one of the best investment opportunities for investors looking to purchase retail and commercial property. 

On the other hand, there are however more lucrative investments that can be directed towards small condos and traditional apartments, with prices starting at CAD 499,000. This can offer a more substantial investment income stream for those who are looking to relocate to Bolton.

Buttonwood Property Management

There are a lot of new and exciting developments taking place across Bolton and the Town of Caledon, and Buttonwood is at the forefront to ensure prospective residents and investors can access some of the best and most affordable property and real estate in the picturesque village. 



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