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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Alderwood is a charming residential suburb located south of the City of Toronto in the Etobicoke District. This is home to a great deal of residential property, but in recent years, more attention to commercial and retail development has been focused on injecting financial and economic growth into the area. 

Much of the older Alderwood is remembered by its memorial parks and green spaces, strategically designed and placed to cater to the large residential population. The neighbourhood has become a self-sufficient community, with good public schools, recreational facilities, restaurants, big-box commercial stores, libraries, and other suburban amenities. 

But of course, just like much of Toronto, the Alderwood area was once home to various farms and smallholdings, which later developed into the populous urban residential landscape it is today. 

The community is driven to provide its inhabitants with the highest quality of life, establishing its history and traditions with the local Etobicoke Historical Society. Overall, this area has become a well-preserved neighbourhood that shares Tornotian family values and traditions, the perfect place for those looking to establish themselves, and raise a family. 

Alderwood’s farms began to be subdivided for residential development in the 1920s however most of this neighbourhood’s development occurred after World War II. Many of the streets in Alderwood are named after the original farmers in this area including Brown, Evans, Lunness, and Horner.

Information on Alderwood Neighbourhood

Some older Toronto urbanites remember Alderwood as New Toronto Park or New Toronto Heights. The Alderwood name has come a long way, originating as the name for the first post office that opened here back in 1933. The post office would later be closed in the mid-1950s, but the name remained nonetheless.

The original landscape looked a lot different, with rugged farms stretching from the Gardiner Expressway, down to Lake Shore Boulevard, and running into the banks of the Etobicoke Creek which today separates the Alderwood community and the Toronto Golf Park. 

But as populations grew, the area was later subdivided, and some of the earliest homes were built between 1920 and 1930, with the biggest boom closer to the middle of the 20th century. 

With the property boom came ample public and private investors, erecting facilities such as the Alderwood Public Library, The Horner Avenue Senior Centre, Marie Curtis Park, Alderwood Memorial Park, Etobicoke Valley park, Connorvale Park, and a plethora of aquatic centers for both children and adults. 

The neighbourhood has a strong connection with nature, offering long hiking trails, and easy access to Lake Ontario. The Etobicoke Creek Interpretive Trail is one of the most magnificent suburban trails, stretching for more than two kilometers from its base at Lake Ontario. 

It’s quite noticeable that Alderwood is community-driven, and seeks to offer some of the best suburban housing for families of any shape, size, or age. 

Walk Score

Most of the parks and memorial areas are easily accessible via foot, giving Alderwood a walk score of 55. Some of the outlining commercial and retail areas are a bit further located such as those between Horner Avenue and Brown’s Line. 

Public Transportation

Public transport hubs are mostly located close to the Alderwood Mall district, with bus lines 113, 115, 116, and 196 being the main lines accessible from Alderwood. Other forms of public transportation are limited, but access to the Gardiner Expressway is only a few minutes away. 

Bike Score

Some of the more popular areas in Alderwood, such as those closer to Horner Avenue, Brown’s Line, and Evans Avenue have an average bike score of 53. The rest of the neighbourhood has an average bike score of 67.

School District Ratings

Local schools of the Etobicoke District have an average score of 6.3 up to 7.7, depending on the school. Some of the most popular public schools in Alderwood are Lanor Junior Middle School and St Ambrose Catholic School; other close-by schools are Norseman Junior Middle School and St Louis Catholic School. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

A large portion of the homes in Alderwood are semi-detached and detached units, replacing previous bungalows built during the early decades of the 20th century. 

Rental prices for studio and one-bedroom apartments range between CAD 1,550 and CAD 1,800, depending on amenities, and additional municipal charges. 

Buying a house here will set you back anything from CAD 599,00 for a two-bedroom detached unit. CAD 1.4 million will get you a modern, newly rebuilt three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. Newer homes are on average between CAD 1.2 million and CAD 3.5 million. 

Investing in Alderwood

Statistics from 2018 revealed that Alderwood was considered one of the areas that received most appreciation throughout the fiscal financial year, with property prices climbing more than 12%. 

Property is more concentrated around detached units, but offers a great deal of investment, as many of them are either in the process of being renovated, or have already been renovated to fit the modem market. 

Some commercial spaces are hard to come by, as major corporate players already own large portions of commercial property. But overall, there is space for improvement and new developments coming to life to uplift the local retail sector. 

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Buttonwood provides property management services to find the perfect, and budget-friendly home for any type of family in Alderwood. Young individuals looking to start their family, or those who are migrating from the city can be assured Buttonwood Property Management will be able to find the best home for their needs.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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