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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Located in the southwestern area of the Etobicoke District, New Toronto offers magnificent views of the city skyline from its stony beaches, blending a modern residential atmosphere and spacious green parks for young families and professionals.

The area, which is prominently known for Colonel Samuel Smith Park which re-opened in 1996 has become a popular destination for both migrating Canadians and families from the greater Toronto area.

The area is a bustling little community, teeming with natural and human activity all year round. In summer, the Brass in the Grass jazz festival fills the park with acoustic melodies, attracting families and young Torontonians. Playgrounds and fishing ponds offer additional amusement for both young and old.

During the winter months, one of Toronto’s only skating rinks becomes the main attraction in the neighbourhood. But it’s not just parks and commercial attractions that have made New Toronto popular, as the area has undergone a major revitalization in the last decade; establishing new modern residential dwellings in a neighbourhood rich with arts and culture.

Information on New Toronto Neighbourhood

Throughout the last decade, major revitalization has taken place throughout most of the New Toronto area. This enabled easier access to the center of the neighbourhood, public parks, and Lake Ontario.

The area is now home to Humber College on Lake Shore Boulevard West, and along with this came the development of modern and newly re-designed residential areas, as much of the industry has moved away from the greater Toronto area. There is now a plethora of new condominiums scattered across the landscape which has drawn in a diverse community of inhabitants.

The demographic here is relatively different compared to other bordering neighbourhoods, as one will find young and energetic Canadians who frequent the beach and local bars. While more relaxed and established residents are plentiful, they enjoy the local merchants, parks, and jazz music festivals.

It’s no surprise that an area constantly teeming with activity will have such a mixed demographic of residents. But it’s the sense of community that has become a strong characteristic of New Toronto.

For the best views of the city, Princess of Wales Park is a hotspot for both tourists and residents, looking to unwind after a busy day. New Toronto is probably one of the few places where you’ll find such a diverse community of residents living harmoniously against the splashing shore of Lake Ontario.

Walk Score

With its local parks and communal areas, New Toronto has an average walk score of 72. Most of the local shops and big-box stores are located on Lake Shore Blvd West, which might require a bit of a commute, but exploring the area on foot is relatively easy.

Public Transportation

One can easily access the 501 Queen Streetcar from Lakeshore Ave. The Mimico Go Station helps connect residents with the downtown area.

Additionally, there is also the Lakeshore GO Train Line and the TTC streetcar that allows for more convenient traveling. Motorists have quick access to the Gardiner Expressway.

Bike Score

Biking around New Toronto has an average score of 77, making it easy for locals to get their daily errands completed with only two wheels, as most commercial and retail stores are clustered into one main area.

School District Ratings

Second Street Junior Middle School and James S Bell Junior Middle School have an average Fraser Institute score ranking of 6.3.

Lakeshore Collegiate Institute is one of the main high schools in the area.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

New Toronto offers stable rental prices, with the average one-bedroom apartment costing around CAD 1,595 per month. Larger three-bedroom apartments are priced slightly higher, costing on average CAD 2,825 per month.

Housing is also relatively affordable, especially for young families and working professionals. Modern semi-detached homes can cost anything between CAD 1.6 million up to CAD 2.7 million. This will give you a spacious four-bedroom home, with three bathrooms and ample living space, both inside and outside.

Investing in New Toronto

With so much revitalization taking place, much of current investments are held in pre-construction real estate as it offers both security and lucrative returns on investment. Some investors have seen that property throughout the neighbourhood is substantially affordable considering the size of the property, and also the local attractions.

Buttonwood Property Management

New Toronto is one of the most underrated areas in the city, which has only recently made it relatively popular for a large demographic of residents. While there are a plethora of real estate options, both commercial and residential, Buttonwood has collaborated with locals to ensure newcomers will receive the best and most investor-friendly homes in New Toronto.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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