Rent Guarantee

At Buttonwood Property Management we are proud of our residential property rental and management services.  Our success to date has been facilitated in part to the rigor placed on tenant screening to ensure the best candidates for your investment property.

We understand that Property Management involves the personal lives of tenants and unfortunate events happen, which may affect a tenant’s ability to make rental payments – even when everything possible has been done to mitigate the risks.

– People’s physical and mental health is not guaranteed

– Your relationship status can change

– Economic conditions impact employment careers and businesses alike

We also understand that for some property owners’ non payment of rent may have significant financial impact on their ability to meet financial commitments (such as: mortgage payments, property taxes, condo fees, utilities…) when rental payments are missed and the eviction bills start piling up.

If sleeping well at night to you means this extra piece of mind knowing that rent will always come in on time regardless if the tenant pays or not and in case of an eviction associated costs are paid for.

Then make sure you ask one of our associates about the Rent Guarantee program to complement your subscription to our residential property rental and management services:

How does the Rent Guarantee program work?

If a tenant defaults on monthly rent payment the Rent Guarantee program gets in effect.

– We ensure you receive your share of monthly rent payments for up to (7) months or until the situation is corrected whichever comes first

– We also pay for eviction costs if the situation is not resolved through mediation

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Rent Guarantee is available for qualified properties and where Buttonwood Property Management Inc. placed the tenant.



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