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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

The small enclave of Streetsville Village, cozily tucked between East Credit and Meadowvale West, Streetsville has become a breakaway for many looking to leave the busy city behind. With a vast history present all over the neighbourhood, Streetsville has become a haven for many Toronto residents in the Mississauga District

Numerous popular and contemporary cafes line the busy streets of Streetsville. It’s become a tourist destination for some in surrounding areas looking to enjoy the tranquility Toronto still has to offer

Green spaces such as Timothy Street Park and the Streetsville Memorial Park offer ample open space to roam and relax. With a public pool, sports grounds, and the close by Vic Johnson Community Center, the neighbourhood ensures all residents can enjoy the more easy-going side of life within their community. 

During the 1820s, Streetsville was named after the historical Canadian frontiersman, Timothy Street who played a pivotal role in the industrialization and development of the neighbourhood. By the later stage of 1824, the area already had managed to attract an influx of new residents and local farmers. 

With five mill sites established along the Credit River, Streetsville was well established to become a popular community for new landowners.

Information on Streetsville Neighbourhood

The old houses and mills now act as the backdrop for trendy cafes, bakeries, eateries, and entertainment facilities. What makes Streetsville such a hidden gem among the masses of other neighbourhoods is the Canadian charm it has to offer. 

If you’re looking to live among history, Streetsville has ample options for residents. The 

Montréal House, which is one of the oldest buildings in the area, is a popular tourist attraction for locals and tourists. 

The history of the area is also visible at the Streetsville Memorial Cemetery, the Gothic-inspired United Church, and the Streetsville Cenotaph which honors local war heroes. These areas have been perfectly preserved to ensure the rich history and culture of Streetsville and Canada can be enjoyed by all.

The blend of history and contemporary lifestyle come together in harmony, allowing young families to shoot down roots to raise a family. For professional and artistic individuals, there is a certain charm that clings onto the streets and brick-faced buildings of the neighbourhood. 

From home-brewed goodness, local merchants, to outdoor trails and parks, the area offers a combination of recreational activities for both young and old. 

Walk Score

Some locals also know the area as the “Village of the City” as it’s easy to commute in and out of the area. Generally, Streetsville has a walk score of 78, allowing residents to have daily errands completed without needing a car. 

Public Transportation

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for local transportation efforts, as bus lines 9 and 44 cater to the busier parts of Streetsville along Queen Street South and Thomas Street. An alternative option would be to make use of the Meadowvale West train station that runs on the MI line. 

Bike Score

Biking to and from local shops to parks, and into the suburban areas are a lot different, with the average bike score ranging between 90 and 96. Residents have found it easier to make use of bicycles and the ample bicycle paths to get around, as an alternative to public transportation and motor vehicles. 

School District Ratings

The schools of Streetsville have been ranked among some of the highest of the greater Toronto area and the Mississauga District. Schools here have an average rating of 7.4 according to the Fraser Institute.

Public schools include Britannia Public School, Hazel McCallion Sr. Public School, Ray Underhill Public School, Willow Way Public School, St. Rose of Lima Separate School, and Kendellhurst Academy Private School. 

With such a variety of schools to choose from, Streetsville has become the perfect place for new parents looking to raise a family close to highly ranked public and private schools. 

Average Rent and Sale Prices

With so much to offer in the local area, apartments and homes have become a popular commodity for those looking to form part of the “Village of the City.”

A small one-bedroom apartment will cost on average CAD 1,999 per month, while a bigger three-bedroom can cost about CAD 2,700 per month. Those apartments located closer to high-end restaurants, bars, cafes, and stores will have on average a higher rental rate. 

As of 2020 and 2021, the average selling price for a standard two to three-bedroom house was close to CAD 1.4 million. The yearly price for homes here has increased by more than 41%, as demand has surged in recent months.

Investing in Streetsville

A plethora of new developments has been on the rise in recent years, with some new modern additions coming to the area. New condos, apartments, and residential areas are jumping up across the area, with some being located close to local parks and recreational areas. 

On the other hand, there are also new commercial sites being erected, as local merchants are currently in high demand. Investing in a newly designed and built condo can range from ACD 799,999 to CAD 1.5 million. While retail spaces can range from CAD 780,000 and higher. 

Buttonwood Property Management

Streetsville offers a Canadian charm that is not quite like any other, and with high demand, local Buttonwood property managers have allowed new investors and young individuals to find the perfect property management company for their investments . 


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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