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Claimed to be one of the most successful planned neighbourhood communities in North America, Meadowvale has lived up to its name over the last few decades.

Going from a small borough village during the middle of the 20th century, to becoming one of the most well-developed suburban areas in Mississauga. The area which is now densely populated by residential dwellings, big-box commercial outlets, and home to multinational offices such as Microsoft has captivated residents and investors alike.

The Meadowvale community offers something for young and old, having access to ample school and recreational facilities, biking and hiking trails, parks, and a mix of modern, to traditional homes.

Located 38 minutes from downtown Toronto, and just 17 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport, residents who live within the Meadowvale community can easily get around with access to multi-lane highways and public transportation.

While some of the locals will share how the area has developed in recent years to become a hub for young families looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind. Meadowvale offers a quaint and relaxed lifestyle for those who still want to be close to the greater Toronto area, and have access to some of the best parks and nature reserves Mississauga has to offer.

Information on Meadowvale Neighbourhood

The Meadowvale we have come to know today was first incorporated back in 1968, and planning for residential and commercial development finally took off in the 1970s.

While the expansion of the area is still taking place to this day, developers have been focused on bringing residents closer to local attractions and amenities.

The Meadowvale Conservation Area, Scott’s Brae Park, Meadowvale Woods North Park, and Godwick Green allow residents access to hiking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, and skating rinks. There’s also the Meadowvale Town Center and the Meadowvale Community Center that hosts a variety of events and fairs during the year.

With two man-made lakes, Lake Aquitaine, Lake Wabukayneand the Levi Creek running through the middle of the neighbourhood, residents can enjoy water-based activities during the warmer months, or simply enjoy a relaxing day off on the banks of the water.

In terms of shopping and retail, some larger more commercial stores are scattered across the neighbourhood, with a handful of local merchants and high-end boutiques. Easy access to Streetsville will allow younger residents to enjoy a selection of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other retail amenities.

For investors, and of course, families, expect large housing plots, tree-lined streets, and an endless array of community living dwellings across the Meadowvale area.

Walk Score

The charming suburban area has a walk score of 68, relatively low in comparison to other surrounding neighbourhoods. The low walk score is due to the large size of Meadowvale.

Public Transportation

In terms of public transportation, residents can make use of bus lines 86, 95, and 986, with bus stops located on Derry Road.

There is, however better access to large highways such as the 407 Express Toll Route, Macdonald Cartier Freeway, and the 401 Ontario Expressway.

Bike Score

The neighbourhood is considered very bikeable, with a bike score of 77. The ample roads and bike paths make it easy for young residents to easily visit a nearby park or playground. And more enthusiastic bikers will have access to bike trails located at the Meadowvale Conservation Area.

School District Ratings

With an abundance of public schools to choose from, parents will have the option to place their children in some of the best-ranking schools in Mississauga. The Meadowvale Village Public School has ranked as the 18th best public school in Mississauga, with other schools having a rating between 6.4 and 7.6.

Some of the local schools include Rotherglen School, Le Flambeau Elementary School, Levi Creek Public School, École secondaire Catholique Sainte-Famille, and St. Marcellinus Secondary, among others.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

Compared to 2020 and 2021, rent for one-bedroom apartments has increased about 14%, with the median monthly rent being CAD 2,099. For a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment, expect to pay CAD 2,349 and CAD 2,600 per month, respectively. There are currently no smaller bachelor or studio apartments available in the neighbourhood.

The average home selling price as of 2022 was close to CAD 1.21 million, with Meadowvale being one of the areas within Mississauga experiencing a sharp year-over-year increase in home prices.

Detached homes and semi-detached homes have both seen price increases of 28%, respectively. With smaller townhouses costing anywhere between CAD 990,000 and CAD 1.12 million. Some condos are still a bit more affordable, even as prices have increased by 26% compared to December 2021, with prices edging closer towards CAD 660,000.

Investing in Meadowvale

While the property market has seen a surge in new home buyers flooding the area, investors will still be able to enjoy a selection of high-end modern dwellings.

Minto Apartments on Aquitaine Avenue are some of the most popular for young couples and professional adults, with apartment prices ranging between monthly tariffs, or rent-to-purchase options.

Upscale, one-bedroom apartments will cost between CAD 890,000 and CAD 999,000 according to the most recent findings. Larger, semi-detached houses, in an area close to public schools and recreational facilities, are priced above CAD 1.2 million.

In recent years we’ve seen sophisticated real estate investors, family offices, and REITs realize and invest in commercial and residential.

Buttonwood Property Management

Smaller investors who’d like to be part of the buying frenzy should contact Buttonwood Property Management today. There’s also a host of great opportunities when it comes to the residential aspect of buying to rent in Meadowvale, and investors should consider all the great perks that come with owning property, whether commercial or residential in the thriving Meadowvale community.



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