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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Despite its high-profile reputation, Leaside has grown to become one of the most well-known and popular neighbourhoods in the Toronto area. With its charming streets, large yards, ample recreational facilities, and active cultural scene, this area has become a number one choice for many parents looking to shoot roots and raise their families.

One of the main characteristics of Leaside is its rich history that stretches back to the mid 19th century when Philadelphian-born pioneer farmer John Lea settled himself on the then barren land of Leaside.

Fast-forward almost 60 years later when the Canadian Northern Railway incorporated Leaside as the former Town of Leaside in mid-1913. It wasn’t until a few decades later when Toronto rapidly expanded that it would later be considered as one of many local neighbourhoods clustered together to form what we today know as the City of Toronto.

With so much rich history that has witnessed the growth of the local city area, Leaside today is a charming nook tucked in the northeastern side of Toronto. It’s become a haven for hundreds of families looking to have a piece of heaven close to the inner city while basking in the area’s greenery and tranquillity.

Information on Leaside Neighbourhood

The old town, now considered one of the upscale neighbourhoods of Toronto for middle-class families, has transformed into a green space filled with residential lots, local vendors, and shopping centres.

Family members have a substantial choice when it comes to commercial offers, as there are now dozens of great shopping centres and local stores to pick and choose from.

Those who enjoy the outdoors will find solace in the array of recreational facilities available on major blocks. The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens, Serena Gundy Park, Trace Manes Park, and Sunnybrook Park all cater to the adventurous and athletic alike.

Home to various amenities such as swimming pools, horse stables, sports fields, tennis courts, a natural outdoor ice rink, walking trails, and spacious picnic areas – these areas are popular destinations for residents throughout summer and in the winter too.

Additionally, families found it relatively attractive that the local Leaside Public Library is home to thousands of books and community-oriented projects.

The Ontario Science Centre is a short 8-minute drive from the centre of the neighbourhood, or take a 12-minute cycle, and enjoy the local fauna and flora as you pass the E.T. Seton Park.

Walk Score

An average walk score is hard to find, but ultimately, one will notice that Leaside is relatively walkable. Travelling by foot from the shrubbed residential areas, towards to lower commercial parts of the neighbourhood is somewhat easy. By speculation, some would consider Leaside to have a walk score of 75 to 80, depending on which part you may reside.

Public Transportation

Seeing as this neighbourhood is situated somewhat further away from the inner city, residents can make use of the 25, 88, 100, and 925 bus lines. These lines help connect the St. Clair subway station and the Yonge-University-Spadina subway station.

If you feel that public transportation is limited in its capacity, motorists can make use of the Bayview extension that connects with the Don Valley Parkway, helping to minimise commute times in and out of the city.

Bike Score

As a family-friendly neighbourhood, the average bike score for Leaside is 83 and above. This area has large avenues and streets, catering to both motorists and bikers alike. Sidewalks are also designed to offer enough space for both cyclists and those on foot.

School District Ratings

On average, Leaside public schools have a rating of 8.1 and higher. Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School, and the St Anselm Catholic School are both public schools that have been rated among the highest in the Leaside area.

Leaside Highschool is also well-ranked among other schools in neighbouring districts, but overall, one will notice that both public and private schools have an above-average rating.

Average Rent and Sale Prices

The annual change indicates that home prices have increased about 1.8% in Leaside and neighbouring areas, with the average home price being around CAD 1.2 million. Overall, new listings and available property have decreased by more than 29%, as these areas have become increasingly popular for families looking to leave the city, and find a more relaxed environment where they can raise a family.

There are additional rentals available, ranging from apartments to freestanding homes. A two-bedroom apartment will average around CAD 4,200 per month, while a three to a four-bedroom, two-bathroom freestanding house will cost anything between CAD 4,250 and CAD 5,300 per month.

Overall, real estate prices in the Leaside area are somewhat higher, as the average quality of life is much higher.

Investing in Leaside

A major development has been on the rise in the more commercial areas of Leaside, with new condominiums being erected, as a way to modernise the neighbourhood, and boosting economic prospects. Investors can look to put aside anything between CAD 500,000+ for the perfect investment.

Buttonwood Property Management

With an increased demand for property in Leaside, realtors are now looking to assist individuals and families who are interested in calling Leaside home for their children, helping them accelerate to live in one of Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods.


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Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

Property Management Services Toronto

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