Earth Hour 2014 – Will you take a #momentofdarkness?

Get ready to turn off the lights for Earth Hour 2014, this Saturday, March 29th, starting at 8:30pm!

At Buttonwood Property Management, we’re dedicated to running a lean, green, and efficient organization.  As professionals – and as parents – we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to minimize our ecological footprint and share our commitment to environmental stewardship.

This year, we’d like to invite you to join us in a #momentofdarkness for the planet!

Earth Hour is a great time to reflect on your energy usage and its impact on climate change.  If you have children, it is an excellent opportunity to teach them about the environment and how their choices can and do impact the world around them.   Even better, it’s a great chance to unplug from technology and have some fun together!

So how can you get involved?  It’s easy!  This Saturday (March 29th) at 8:30 pm, turn off all non-essential lights and appliances.  Keep your TVs, computers, and gadgets powered down and unplugged, and enjoy an hour (or more!) of family fun in the dark.

planet hour

Earth Hour is a great time to work together to plan some simple changes you can make as a family that will reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact, but there are lots of other fun activities you may want to try as well:

  • Have a family games night – get out some flashlights and play hide and seek in the dark.  Cards or board games are always fun, and you can get as creative as you like modifying your favourite game to play in the dark.
  • Storytime – take turns telling ghost stories or even just talking about your days.
  • Take a neighbourhood walk and see who else is participating in Earth Hour this year.  If lots of your neighbours are joining in, it will have quite a dramatic impact on your community’s nightscape.
  • Check out Earth Hour events in your local community.  If you live in Toronto, the WWF-Canada is hosting a free outdoor concert at Queen St. East and Saulter St., starting at 7:45.  It will feature the GLO Show Choir and the Lucas Stagg Band, and there will be free hot chocolate for everyone who brings their own reusable mug.
  • Looking for a fun Earth Hour event that’s more adult-oriented?  Mill St Brewery is holding “Lights Out for Mill Street,” featuring candle-lit acoustic concerts at over 60 venues across the city.   50 cents from every pint of Mill St. sold will go to Earth Day Canada!

No matter what event you choose, don’t forget to tweet about your Earth Hour experiences when you go back online.  Use the hashtag #momentofdarkness and share your thoughts on social media.

The WWF’s international Earth Hour movement has been around for 8 years now, and if you’ve never participated before, why not give it a try this year?  After all, when we work together, major change is possible!

Sabine Ghali
Sabine Ghali
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Sabine Ghali, Managing Director at Buttonwood Property Management, Award Winning Real Estate Broker and an Entrepreneur at heart. Sabine is on a mission to help investors create real estate wealth over time in the Greater Toronto Area. Sabine is published in a number of media outlets, including Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Gulf News, among many others.