Noise Pollution Fixes for Residential and Commercial Property Managers Toronto

The modern times we live in have created a problem that is not being taken seriously enough. Noise pollution and its negative factors are cause for concern.  It is not just a problem out on the street, or in public venues.  People are assaulted by noise in their own homes.

In Toronto, in 2017, the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa pointed out that noise pollution can cause hearing problems, as well as mental health issues and cardiovascular illnesses.

Significant studies  have shown that noise pollution can cause major medical problems, including:

  • Cardiovascular illnesses
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hearing loss
  • Stress
  • Mental Health issues, like depression
  • Behavioural effects in children
  • Diabetes

The main culprit for noise pollution in Toronto is traffic, but inside your own home or, a renter’s unit can also be affected by noisy neighbours, or surroundings. Toronto Residential and Commercial Property Managers can lessen this problem in a number of ways that are not overly expensive. In addition, these upgrades will make your property more attractive, enticing and desirable for new and existing renters.

Methods of Noise Reduction Outside Your Buildings

Build a Fence

This sounds too good to be true, but a fence, in other words, a barrier of any kind can reduce noise. As noise comes to us via sound waves, or vibrations, a barrier of any kind can help dissipate the direct waves. A good fence will reduce some of the outside noise pollutions, as well as set the boundaries of your property.

Plant Trees Around Your Property

Planting trees and landscaping around your property offers benefits that can be quite profitable, as well as help with noise pollution. These benefits include:

  • Trees increase property values – studies show up to 20%
  • Improve the air quality around your building. They absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen
  • Lessen noise pollution by absorbing sound
  • Trees increase traffic to businesses. People tend to visit places with nice landscaping and trees.
  • Trees can lower your property costs. Using tree placement strategically can lower your air conditioning costs during the summer.

Create a Quiet Area

An additional bonus to make your property more attractive is a designated quiet place. For some residential or commercial properties, due to their location this might not be possible. If however, property managers do have an area that can be designated a Quiet Area, your building will include a unique and positive perk. It is also worth noting that when it becomes legal to smoke marijuana, this perk might become a necessity.

Methods of Noise Reduction Inside Your Property

Weather Stripping for All Entry Doors and Windows

Weather stripping will not only cut down on noise pollution, but will reduce your building’s energy consumption.

A professional window service company has noted that a mere 1/8 of an inch gap, (0.32 cm), in an exterior door to its frame, is equivalent to a 2 inch, (5.08cm) hole in a wall. Imagine the amount of energy waste that is causing and the cost to any property management company’s bottom line? With the proper weather stripping installed, from the least expensive foam to the mid-priced and more durable vinyl, the money saved will be a positive support for your investment.

Proper Flooring for Noise Reduction

Wall-to-wall carpeting goes a long way to reduce noise pollution, especially in rental apartments. A lot of excess noise by neighbours can be lessened when the floor is carpeted. In this modern day of home theatre systems and extreme volume stereos, this can reduce noise complaints and problems in any rental property.

Surprisingly it is not carpet that is as highly recommended as vinyl flooring. If vinyl flooring is put into any unit that is now empty, coupled with an under pad, the noise reduction would be highly efficient.

Update Your Insulation

To increase the energy efficiency of any building Toronto commercial and residential property managers need to consider upgrades to their insulation. There are a number of soundproof insulations available that will not only reduce noise pollution, but aid in lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Fibreglass insulation is readily available but not as effective as mineral wool insulation. There are also spray insulations available, but they must then be covered with another product to be effective.

Add Ceiling Fans

For Property Managers, this may seem contra intuitive, adding more noise to lessen noise pollution, but this does work. The sound of a fan has been proven to be a peaceful sound that will mask the harshness of other noise, such as traffic, loud music and more. It is similar to white noise. Not only will the installation of fans have a calming effect in a building, but will also help reduce the heat in the summer months.

Create A Noise Pollution Awareness Policy for Renters

Have a policy in place at your properties that makes all renters aware of noise pollution and its negative effects. Encourage a sense of community so that everyone in your buildings contributes to a place that lessens noise problems.

If there are major noise problems, address them and also make sure all renters are aware of the by-laws surrounding noise. For example, construction is not allowed on Sundays, or statutory holidays. For all noise pollution matters, the entire by-law is called The Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 591 – Noise.\

The problem of Noise Pollution is not going away any time soon. With the amount of ongoing construction, road and building enhancements and new technology, the world is getting louder. What is important is to find a way to handle noise as well as possible.

Toronto residential and commercial property managers can enhance their properties, one unit at a time, regarding any older buildings and seek new buildings that already have the upgrades noted in this article.   There will also be new ways invented to lessen noise pollution, which can be added to your buildings in time. These building upgrades will make your properties more attractive and sought after, and strengthen your bottom line.

Sabine Ghali
Sabine Ghali
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